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Good guy Richie

During today’s extremely physically demanding task, Richard mentioned in the Diary Room that he felt helpless when Lerato and Bertha were unable to cross the ‘monkey bars’ as part of the obstacle course. He mentioned that he found it easy, and that the housemates even referred to him as ‘jungle boy’. However it saddened him that Bertha and Lerato found it so difficult that it reduced them to tears.

The task was so demanding that Bertha tore a ligament in her leg and was rushed to hospital via the Diary Room. She returned back to the house this evening in a cast that she would need to keep on for three weeks.


5 Responses to “Good guy Richie”

  1. its okay your great its part of life you have to note that you are in the game of real life.
    so it happen every were in life be it uk, usa, cananada every were.
    carry on

  2. Max is threatened by Richard! Have you guys noticed that? Is it because the girls are warming up to Richard at the speed of light?

  3. Richy you can see that Bertha is carrying a load on her back and Lerato on her front it’s not that easy for them 2 to do sumthngs because of what i have mentioned above.

  4. Bring the money home, usitufanyie hivyo mtu wetu, u have all what it takes, hope u gonna leta that money love u, Richard go go go like taifa stars

  5. as i told u richard, U r still the same richard no matter what .That is only a game . DONT BE AFRAID SHOW THEM HOW TANZANIAN ACT WHEN THEY FIND MONEY.come back with thosse money richard.TUPE RAHA TANZANIA KAMA TAIFA STARS.
    GODLUCK RACHARD. we all love ya.

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