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Shower Hour steams up even more!

Thus far, Big Brother Africa II has had the best ‘shower hour’ compared to previous seasons of the show. With five cameras in the bathroom alone, she wasn’t lying when she sang “No place to hide…” 🙂

Many of the housemates have come out of their shells, and flaunted ‘what their mama’s gave ’em’ freely during this time, though there have been those that refuse to shed their underwear and bikini tops and bottoms.

This morning had to have been one of the more interesting shower sessions in the house since its launch. Richard has been reluctant to shower naked at the stat of the show, but as days have progressed, he has became more accustomed to his surroundings and the idea of being watched by millions. Now he’s taken it to a whole new level! The thing is that the guys in the house normally shower as a group, while the girls do the same. But today Richard decided to spend some quality time with the ladies in the shower.

Joined by Tatiana, Ofunneka and Maureen, you could see Richard was loving every minute of the attention he received. Ofunneka offered to wash his thighs after washing his legs and Maureen took it upon herself to scrub his back. What was more interesting was that Tatiana and Maureen weren’t even afraid to bare all in front Richie. Well kinda… They only went topless while Ofunneka kept on her granny panties and bra.

After singing and dancing for the girls in the shower, Richard went to tell the other guys his experience, who asked him whether or not he got an erection. In true Richie fashion, he told them he hadn’t and showed them to prove it…

Check the ‘uncut’ page tomorrow soon for pics and vids…


7 Responses to “Shower Hour steams up even more!”

  1. Yep, Richard did prove it alright! He even did a little gyrating dance while at it. Lol. BBAII getting interesting now for sure! Not only are claws out – and so are clothes!! Huu huu!!!

  2. The show is becomming so interesting.Thanks for Richard for opening up with the likes of Maureen,Tati and Ofuneka.
    Keep our eyes on the screen

  3. Ofcourse Richi,u are the man.Bare it in front of the girls.I have tried it once in the shower too,and it can be fun especially when u are fully endowed below.They can get their eyes off it .

  4. Hi my name is ernest.
    I think the shower hour is cool,we are human and some
    times we have to live aceive we are in the first garden that
    God created for man and woman without dress on.

  5. That’s one way to get viewers for the show 🙂

  6. The show is getting NASTIER especially with the nude Pix. Sit up

  7. the house is gettin hotter everyday,richi remember u hav a wify at home.cos this show wont last 4ever.jeff u are a star.

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