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Tati : the silent killer

Two rounds of nominations have passed [one fake, one real] and it’s been interesting to see how the housemates nominated. One person who particularly captured my eye during these processes is Tatiana who is possibly playing the hardest game of all.

A fun-loving, sweet and innocent-looking lady is she in front of the housemates. But behind closed Diary Room doors during nominations, she’s a ruthless strategist.

Take a look at the first nominations. She’s nominated Lerato because she felt that she was a ‘nice person’ and ‘had a strong character’ – this shows she’s targeting who she believes is popular in the house and a potential threat to her. Eliminate all competition… She also picked Maxwell as she felt he ‘knew what he was doing’. Doesn’t that just show you she has a massive strategy in play? Some may say that she may not have understood the whole nomination process, but I believe she did and VERY WELL

2nd round of nominations, this Monday, saw Lerato being nominated by Tatiana again as well as Bertha. Her reason for choosing Bertha was not mentioned (mmm… fishy Tati) and gave the excuse that Lerato was ‘too loud’. Lerato has been a target all along and it seems that Tatiana won’t back down ’til she leaves the house.

Tatiana is also very good at getting into the guys’ and girls’ good books by always holding their hands, caressing their backs and displaying her sweet-side like its going out of fashion. And it’s working! She didn’t have one nomination against her name during both sessions.

How long can she keep the act up?! We’ll just have to wait and see.


11 Responses to “Tati : the silent killer”

  1. you’re perfectly right. I noticed it straight away that she was just eliminating competition. the other housemates seemed to have forgotten the reason why they are in the housein the first place n are allowing their emotions for their choice. Tatiana is a real snake in thegrass. she aint as innocent as she acts.. i’m tipping her to win unless she shows her real coulours one day..

  2. Tatian is indeed getting into all housemates good books. It is a game and she of course would like to be the victorious winner in the end — yes, Tati this strategy will work until someone works up and sees through it!! Wishing you all the best and may the “best man” remain standing!!

  3. The one person who I believe is slowly losing her plot in Lerato. Tatiana is a small grenade waiting to explodse for sure. she has it all plotted out. I’m sure Befrtha will pick this up soon. It will be very interesting to see how Berttha will react once she learns that little Miss Sunshine has an explosive up her sleeves and not flowers.

  4. tatian should go

  5. Tatian better go home

  6. tati is really ahead of her game. wait till the other housemates ‘see right through her’ then she’ll be nominated for being such a clever little “girl”

  7. I love tatiana. Bet is so hot

  8. tati she is the best

  9. tati you degraded yo self last night by kissing code.
    Even if you want to kiss me now i cant accept coz am not that cheap. At least youn would have kissed richard

  10. Tati is doing fine. I luv her style and hope she will succeed

  11. I know this is a game, but I am dissappointed at the way Tatiana and married Richard are now behaving. They are also so naive, accusing Max that he is being forward towards Tatiana – that is so childish. The gossip is so rife amongst the housemates as they strategise to eliminate who in this game — it is about the “green bucks” now. I do hope that BBA has more interesting challenging tasks to get them out of the boredom and gossip syndrome. I think we have strong contenders now in this game too. I am glued to the channel and hope that at the end of it, I would have learned a lot from these characters.

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