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A [wild] night to remember

Last night:

A Friday night, with a whole lotta alcohol and music provided by Channel O – it surely was the perfect setting for a great party. And the housemates would agree.

The house’s resident sweetheart, Tatiana, turned up the heat with her raunchy dance moves and flirting all clad in a pair of extremely tiny pants and high heels. She even started mounting furniture to get all eyes on her. And it worked! The guys were literally drooling…

Bertha, the resident gossip Queen, was on the couch whispering to Lerato about how Tatiana enjoys being the center of attention…

Lerato seemed to disapprove of the fact that Jeff was dancing with Tati, like it was the most disgusting thing she ever saw… but a while later, she is dancing with him too! It was interesting to see Jeff come out of his shell and show a totally different side to his personality by laying down some killer dance moves… and he doesn’t even drink!

Ofunneka danced non-stop – to the fast songs as well as the slow. And even when no one would dance with her, she went solo… The house turned into one massive orgy with the ‘relations’ that went on between Code and Maureen, Meryl and Kwaku & Richard and Tatiana. The show should’ve been named: Big Brothel.


I have no idea how these housemates are managing to keep up with all that alcohol in their systems. Max, Richard and Justice are still drunk after today’s soccer & crutches ad hoc task, which saw housemates have tequila shots whenever they scored a goal.

Justice is trying to irritate every person that crosses his path, Tatiana claims she’s not hung-over, Code and Maureen discuss their undying love for each other (can someone please smack that girl and let her catch a wake up – Code is playing her ass!) in a corner, Lerato and Max play around with the soccer ball (Lerato can’t kick a soccer ball for $h?t), Jeff in is sober state, watches as Richard falls all over the place, from the kitchen.


3 Responses to “A [wild] night to remember”

  1. i think big brother should put them on an ‘alcohol free’ week. we wouldnt want to see someone actually die on bibbrother africa, would we?

  2. I am of a view, hypocrites should be dealt off with. The likes of Code who is not behaving man enough to the extent of gossiping about Maureen yet he’s let himself in a situation with her is obscure.
    I wish Maureen could read this, unfortunately, she’s getting closer and more closer to him which to me is worrying since he may still take advantage of her and use her like he has seemingly promised.
    Guyz can’t wait to hear more rubbish from that fool’s mouth. F*ck!

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