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Code : ridden with regret

Last night, after Code and Maureen shared in their first intimate lip-locking session, Code and Max spoke about how Code has a girlfriend back home in Malawi that he refers to as ‘shorty’ . Code went on to say that he cannot lose his girlfriend, so he is gonna tell Maureen that even though he likes her, things wouldn’t work out and if it gets him out of the house, so be it.

He also confided in Max that he regrets kissing her and feels it was wrong and that he won’t put the blame on her because he wasn’t obligated to kiss her. However, he also shares in the blame and no one should blame him because she’s being ‘pushing’ herself at him for the past three weeks now. I mean honestly, ‘pushing herself’ onto Code was not something Maureen would do. Where’s this guy pulling out all these lame excuses? Code is DOGG fo sho.

He also went into graphic detail about how Maureen wore no underwear during their ‘romp’ (lol). Was that really necessary?!

The guy is riddled with guilt and doesn’t know how to handle the mess he has got himself into. The best advice I can give is to tell Maureen how he feels before it’s way too late and he finds himself evicted, because as we all know – RELATIONSHIPS IN BIG BROTHER NEVER LAST!


8 Responses to “Code : ridden with regret”

  1. i think code did the best thing in the circumstances and everyone who is real wdnt blame him either.
    nor can maureen be blamed for it all. after all they are just human. who knows… its maslows hierarchy of needs at work!

  2. Dats what i call thinking with wats btwn his legs,not with his head.

  3. it is silly to expect CODE to get woo with that slut called Maureen. I normal person would not want to have sex under the circumstances. Sex for human beings is sacrid and will always be done in secret.

    why blame code for refusing to ave sex with a person of low eateem like maureen. Remember that she cried one day when they were talking about forced sex. To me she was lying against her teacher . that arse must know her place.

  4. U wireless man, wat iz wrong wit u? Actually u ar a witch. I think u ve a problem with yoself coz u don’t kno wat u want, it will be gud if u keep distance from our gal. By de way who was on whose bed ? u ar de veri one who followed our gal in ha bed, so watsoever u wanted didn’t work out 4 u. So leave our gal alone. Since u ar another snake in de house pliz giv a break. Jus go to yo’ Bertha.

  5. If maureen was a slut,she would have slept with code.But she is an intelligent gal who made achoice not to.MISHECK stop calling pple sluts.How would you feel when they called that to your sis or mum?.Have respect for others.slut is too big a word.

  6. I have watched the whole episode ya Maureen and code and I think code
    messd up by telling his friends what he did with maureen.I pit my young sis each time i see her with that code.She does not know what this code has said to people about her.i wish there was a way i could tell her the truth.guys a real man would not tell other peoplwhat they had with a woman.that is a secret, thats why things are done alone with the person that you love.As far as am concerned mo did not force her self on code.he should have responded with respect if he did not feel the same.unlike where he goes round telling people he doesn’t like her.see now what he has caused.Bertha has nominated mo because of code.I hope he is hap now.

  7. Code please i beg you stay away from Maureen.We luv you and please keep it up !you are doing fine

  8. Maureen is slut, a whore, a bitchy stinky and greasy whore. And to think i almost believed her rape story, nigga please she is a village bicycle.

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