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Eviction 1 : Good riddance Justice!

Yay! The pest has left the building… With 7 countries voting against Justice, it was time the bugger got his marching orders. Jeff was almost walking down the carpet of shame with 6 votes. I don’t have the exact countries that voted yet, but will soon. I’m just really happy Justice has been served… lol. I actually thought Botswana would vote him out, but surprisingly they didn’t. Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana were among the 7.

Catch the nomination show tomorrow @ 8pm CAT.


7 Responses to “Eviction 1 : Good riddance Justice!”

  1. Justice received votes from Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, while Angola, Botswana, Nigeria, Uganda and the rest of Africa voted for Jeff. In the end, Justice lost seven to six and left the House quite happily.

  2. I am very Happy Justice has left he is really boring with his one sided thinking ability. He has no idea how to interact with fellow humans and deserves the boot. Good on Africa u got it right now ; but what do you think about KB putting Meryl on the spot for reasons why she saved Bertha and replaced her with Jeff – Interesting week ahead ;

  3. I am a Motswana, nd altho i would hve lykd 4 Majusto to GO HOME WITH THE MONEY, he oviassly was not MAN INOF.

  4. I am of the opinion that Justice is just a victim of his own making. remember that he had problems with his interracting with other housemates. He really deserved the boot and at last he got what he deserves. First impressions matter. but in everything, just seeing him was a lot more entertainment. go in peace my Brother.

  5. i like justice and i feel very very very bad about it. He made the house hot and real;
    Bro wat u did is remarkable; y should a girl speak ill of you and u just watch; tell her off. Dont be upset, its a relief and like wat justice commented when u came out. well done justice

  6. i would have loved Jeff leaving the house. He is too withdrawln compared to the first few days in the house. I hope he goes next

  7. For the sake of entertainment, I believe it was a mistake to vote off Justice first. Sure he was annoying, sure he was whiny. But you could at least count on some fights when he was drunk. He messed up the waters in the house. We dont want house-mates to get along! We want them to bicker! Thats entertainment

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