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Lerato : Spoilt brat

Today, the Head of House, Bertha, had to decide which housemate she wanted to spent the night with in the Penthouse. Seeing that Bertha hasn’t made any other friends in the house other than Lerato, the decision wasn’t particularly challenging.

For the second time in a row, Lerato’s been chosen as a penthouse companion. I actually feel sorry for the poor bathtub that she has to get into…

I just hope Maxwell doesn’t win immunity/HoH next week, cos there’s no guessing who the freeloader’s gonna be… Then again we DO need a girl and a guy in there for the night… ALONE… (but any other couple other than them). The penthouse would be great for a romantic getaway from the other housemates.

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10 Responses to “Lerato : Spoilt brat”

  1. i think the penthouse would be great fot two love birds.

  2. hmmmm, seems the spoilt brat, always wins at the end of the day….


  3. If the spoilt brat is up for eviction anytime,i can bet with my ‘balls’,she will be shown the way out.The whole of SA can stop it.

  4. If the spoilt brat is up for eviction anytime,i can bet with my ‘balls’,she will be shown the way out.The whole of SA cant stop it.

  5. Go max!!! You rock de house…

  6. i think lerato shud ateast grow up!!!but she still si one of da coolest hsm!!!!

  7. lerato maxel, blaaa blaaa blaaa whats all this biggie channel your programme free to air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we africans ain’t all rich baddie, let us have fun through those chinesse supa gadgets if you know what i mean “decoders”

  8. Ever cared to wonder why every one is taking Lerato to the penthouse? COS SHE IS THE BEST entertainer in the BB house if you count it’s the third tym around


  10. hi guys,its beta u leave max alone and not to judge him on cherrise wining the last bba,let him play the game.

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