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Nominations 2: Jeff vs. Maureen

Sorry for the lack of updates. đŸ™‚

The second round of nominations were revealed to the voting public this Monday with unsurprising and predictable results. For me anyway. The original two housemates for eviction were Meryl and Jeff and judging by the closeness of the previous weeks voting, it was clear as day that these two would be the next two up.

The characters in the house aren’t clashing enough, with the exception of maybe Lerato and Ofunneka’s mini-feud & Bertha and Maureen’s love-triangle, so the nominations aren’t really that exciting. Tatiana targetted the one couple in the house – Maxwell and Lerato. Lerato picked on Ofunneka as one of her nominations while Bertha, the HoH, preyed upon her nemesis Maureen and Meryl, who saved her last week (what a two-faced cow… Bertha I mean!).

With Jeff and Meryl up for the eviction come Sunday, Bertha decided to save Meryl (then why the F&@* did she nominate her in the first place?!) and gave the reason “because I felt obligated to save her, as she saved me” or some bull along those lines. Before Bertha went into the diary room to announce the switch you could see on Meryl’s face that she knew that Bertha would save her. Bertha should have spiced things up and saved Jeff, left Meryl and put her up against a strong competitor she [Bertha] thought the public would like more than Meryl. It’s like a boring vicious circle that I saw coming.

Who’s going?! You decide. Vote now.

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
Bertha 1 Jeff Maureen
Code 0 Jeff Meryl
Jeff 5 Meryl Lerato
Kwaku 1 Jeff Ofunneka
Lerato 3 Jeff Ofunneka
Maureen 2 Bertha Meryl
Maxwell 1 Richard Meryl
Meryl 6 Jeff Maureen
Ofunneka 2 Meryl Lerato
Richard 1 Kwaku Meryl
Tatiana 0 Maxwell Lerato


19 Responses to “Nominations 2: Jeff vs. Maureen”

  1. jeff is going to be kicked out…..

  2. I feel people will prefer maureen to stay than jeff. Like u said,Bertha(the big black snake)shouldn’t in the first place have nominated Meryl.Their(Bertha,Lerato and Meryl)will soon be over.Each of the 3 will be booted out one after the other as soon as they come up for eviction.I know Africans.But Jeff,pack ur bags.

  3. I think Jeff will leave the house and maureen will be luck to stay

  4. jeff shud go
    hez boring evry moment

  5. pliz us and send jeff away! hez home sick

  6. lets help Maureen to stay this time around.I like her you know.SHE IS NOT BAD.LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN TH E HOUSE.

  7. hi it,s time 2 send that jeff away, we are really tired of that blak man….

  8. Yeah, Maureen can stay. Jeff should go while we wait for whoever comes next!

  9. Jeff should go. He looks bored at times and anyway Bether or whatever, will not in a million years get that money because she is jealousy!

  10. vote Jeff

  11. good bye Muareen woulpdn’t miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i cant wait to see Bertha out!! of the house. Joan Mauritius

  13. “Adaeze” wat ever it means giv Mauryn a break. She z in da hse 2 stay. She z da only model in da hse. So Mauryn move on, we like @ and everi thing u a doing.

  14. Jeff plz pack yoself, yo days ar numbered, coz i can’t stand u anymore in da hse. U look so miserable, come $ die from yo’ hom-land.

  15. Pliz jeff leave, there ar better thing for u 2 do than dat hse.

  16. Jeff is on a Kenyan Airways flight from JNB to Nairobi ; Enjoy your flight his flight is confirmed

  17. Jeff out. Joan Maurice

  18. Jeff and Bertha go out of the house!

  19. vote Jeff and leave Maureen in the house to take the money back home because Ugandans need that money more than any one else in the house. Museven is embezzling all the Ugandan money so please all of you guys let Maureen stay so that Ugandans can have something to be proud of.

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