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Next Stop… Starvation

The housemates wagered a full 100% of their budget on the task and last night after their presentation, Big Brother delievered his verdict to the housemates. Impressed by few such as Code for confessing to the giraffe’s murder and Ofunneka and Kwaku for keeping in character, Big Brother was also disappointed with the whole ring-breaking fiasco that went on earlier during the day.

A result of the negative outweighing the positive, housemates failed their task dismally, only securing a measley 15% of the budget. However, I feel Big Brother was still far too lenient. He should given them nothing. Tatiana and Richard constantly broke the rules by coming out of character, as well Lerato talking to Max to name but a few.

It seems there’s going to be an interesting week ahead. A lot of grumpy hungry housemates = arguments and bitchiness. Just what we love!


4 Responses to “Next Stop… Starvation”

  1. CODE u even a murderer, pliz MO take gud care of yoself coz da bush man can easily do u harm. jus leave him 4 silly Bertha(“BERTHA” which stand for = Be Ever Rude To Hate Anybody). Poor MO suffering locally in da hand of dat witch.

  2. De two africa women look gud in thier atire. There ar really showing real image of AFRICA. Congs Moa & Ofune.

  3. I would love to see what happens to the overly friendly flirty ones like Tatiana and the “cool” Bertha she’ll probably cry us a river!! Hunger brings out the worst in most of us and it will be interesting to see what happens to the couples i.e. Leratero & Max, Kwaku and Meryl. I’ll be glued to my screen!!

  4. Survivor in Big Brother ; I think Jeff wants to leave ‘ not enough food in the house for hime ‘ He eats for 2 people

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