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Maxwell is new HoH

After a somewhat silly task for housemates to win the title of Head of House, Maxwell emerged victorious. “Find the Flag” is what it was called, and stumbling around the garden blindfolded was what it was all about. The housemate to get the red flag would be come the new HoH.

I think Big Brother has realised that the girls are much smarter than the guys in the house, so to give the guys an opportunity of being HoH, he provided them with a “luck-of-the-draw” task.

The question now is: Who will Maxwell save? If Lerato is up for eviction (which she won’t be) everyone knows that he’s gonna save her.

Remember to vote for your least favourite housemate – Jeff or Maureen – for eviction this Sunday.


2 Responses to “Maxwell is new HoH”

  1. I have waited 4 this moment, dat guy jst drives me crazy. He has does not like much attention, i wonder how he will perform?

  2. I absolutely LOVE Maxwell!! He is just close to perfection!! Lerato, have a go at him girl dont be shy.Just praying that Max doesnt take her to the penthouse, the guy might be HOT but he certainly is no Einstein. Taking Lerato will be suicidal for the poor girl.

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