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Eviction 2 : So long Jeff Anthony…

Kenya’s choice for Big Brother Africa II has finally walked out of the house – a moment I’ve been waiting for forever! Receiving 7 of the 13 votes, Jeff Anthony checked out of paradise hotel during what had to be the WORST live show in Big Brother Africa history! I was starting to like KB but he messed up the whole thing again with his wise-cracks and occasional uncomfortable pauses. He’s also the crappiest interviewer. Is it too late to bring back Mark?!

After Bertha, ‘the snake’ gave her confession to the house, she pretended to feel guilty for what she had done. When Jeff left, she burst into tears and had to be consoled by Tatiana who just always happens to be at the right place, at the right time. That bee-atch seriously needs to go next cos she’s working on my ass with her fake-ness.

Jeff made an ass of himself during his eviction interview when KB asked him something along the lines of which ladies he had ‘connected’ with in the house. He said that “he was close to arousal” when dancing with Tatiana. For an author he sure does know how to choose his words correctly. Dumb ass! Good-riddance to your ridiculous exercises and that expressionless face of yours!


Catch the Nomination Show tomorrow @ 8pm CAT.


8 Responses to “Eviction 2 : So long Jeff Anthony…”

  1. Are you saying the teddy Bear from Nairobi is gone? Say It Ain’t So!

  2. I actually felt bad for him. I think he answered the questions pretty well. He handled it amazingly well – he was very calm.
    One thing though – I had never seen his famous exercises before. I promise you, my mouth dropped when I saw the exorcism shake – the only think that was missing was chants.
    I wonder who is going to go next. Max is threatened by Richard, for sure. Now that he is the new HOH, he will use this opportunity to get rid of him. And the three boys have already had a conversation about voting their girls – though Max keeps on insisting that it’s just a game, I doubt it though if he has the heart to vote out Lerato – for whatever reason. Kwaku would vote out Merly. He’s player – and he is playing the game!! Code just with the wind. If his boys jumped, he would jump along with them.
    Next week is going to be interesting!

  3. Poor Geffy, it was too early to depart for Kenya already. I think he deserves some more times in the house, after all he was cool and he has answered the question pretty well.

  4. Hey Jeff R.I.P. there in Kenya, you deserved to pack your rags and go.

  5. This Massai boy is useless. i think the house will be more entertaing than it was when Jeff and Justice (J & J) were there

  6. Jeff is a piece of shit.His morning exercises could not help him stay in the house.Poor sod he does’nt even like to use his proper african surname.He thinks he is Mark Anthony.He should be married to Lerato.They could make a proper ugly couple.

  7. For those who are suffering from Jeff withdrawal …


  8. I appreciated d way Jeff carried himself in d House. Dat was d real jeff instead of a pretense

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