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Swinging both ways

This year’s Big Brother Africa certainly is the sluttiest, most controversial and most provocative. The nudity during shower hour has been a hot topic for discussion, but now it’s the speculation of whether certain housemates prefer both sexes or not.

Take Meryl and Tatiana. The two seem extremely comfortable around each other. Whether it’s dancing closely together clothed, in their bikinis in the jacuzzi or having a snog now and then, I must say that there’s no way in hell that these two HM’s are entirely straight.

Just last night, during their ‘truth or dare’ game with the SpinMaster, Richard told Tatiana that it was Meryl’s idea that they should dare her to kiss her [Tatiana]. Tatiana seemed very excited about the whole thing and there was definitely no resistance on her part.

What would be interesting to see is that if once Kwaku is no longer there and perhaps Richard, then Tatiana and Meryl will have to find alternative methods of release Mmm…

Another HM that we should keep our eyes on is Jeff. He may just swing both ways as well, but something tells me he may be batting entirely for the other team. [Read the article below]


7 Responses to “Swinging both ways”

  1. About Jeff … I have always thought so too.

  2. I wan c sum more girl on girl action! Whr r pics? I think Tati n Maureen r rreal touchy as well.

  3. So what! He aint flaunting it?Then again,u wil neva knw esp if he comes out this weekend

  4. last night meryl said she had a relationship(sexual) with a women for 2 years interesting confession, Jeff is totally gay but i dont think he’ll ever admit it to the whole of africa his too shy lol

  5. CHINEKE!!!! – That is all i can say.

    BBA is definitely something else. I do not think it is AFRICAN any more…..

  6. I am so gay ; and nothing Jeff has done has let me to believe that he is gay. He is very macho man. I think his Labido needs stimulation for him to get sex hungry again.

  7. Pamela – y d’u think its not african? surely it can not be becos of the promiscuity, secrets, sexuality…

    Girrrl… I see all of those things in my country! lol!

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