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The SpinMaster and the Confession

Last night the HM’s played a new board game called “SpinMaster” during their “Spring Time” ad-hoc task, which involved activities such describing objects to sketching to charades, but eventually the whole thing turned into a game of ‘truth or dare’. Everyone practically kissed everyone – there was girl-on-girl action from Meryl and Tatiana as well as a 42 second kiss from Richard and Tatiana (damn!).

Later that night, Richard told Tatiana that it was a mistake and that he felt it really wasn’t anything special for him. However, the way he obliged to the kiss during the game, seemed like he REALLY wanted it. He even turned down a opp to kiss Ofiunneka. So why only Tati? What is this guy doing? What game is he playing? Has Ricki, his wife, and himself planned all this?!

Later that night at around 11.00pm, Jeff made a startling confession. I can’t remember who he told exactly, but he mentioned that he hadn’t had sex for TWO years! DAMN!! Now I know it’s wrong to make judgments and all, but I find it hard to believe that someone has not had sex for so long… Surely there’s something wrong with this guy? Can anyone say the ‘G’ word?! What leads me to this conclusion is that Jeff also seemed very interested in Meryl’s discussion of same sex relationships and kept asking if it was better… Mmm…

Interesting things happening in BBA. Let’s see who leaves tonight. I already know that answer – it’s as clear as day. “JEFF. PLEASE LEAVE THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE”.


One Response to “The SpinMaster and the Confession”

  1. This Jeff i think he is just childish and abnormal.

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