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Big Brother Africa going downhill?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, last night’s show wasn’t particularly planned well. Seems I’m not the only one that thinks so. Read this article by TashiTagg over at and let me know what your thoughts on it are and the show in general.



5 Responses to “Big Brother Africa going downhill?”

  1. To do Justice to Justice, I believe for his age he did very well. If he had been say…..23 or 24 he would have gone much further. As far as the series is concerned, I find this one “slow”. The contestants are not as “dynamic” as previous episodes, and seem to wait for things to do.

  2. you are right when you say they wait for things to do. i have only seen Max coming using his initiative to kill the boredom. the rest are just lazy ducks

  3. why are they always napping. seriously. It was about time that biggie said something about the “over sleeping”. And that stragetegy of coupling(?!) no wonder there isnt any fun stuff coming coming out of them, they’re busy cundling and looking each other in the eyes (all fake) and hoping that the other believes its all natural. the only natural chemistry there in is between Tatain and Richard and its all because the two of them, and the world around them knows what they are both risking. it is the excitement, and all. Any how,….

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