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Justice to write a book

From the Mmegi online reporter; posted on

Gasebalwe Seretse

If there is one person who will not miss the luxury and lazing about in the Big Brother house, it’s the Big Brother Africa Two’s first evictee and Botswana representative Justice Motlhabane of Serowe.

Fielding question from journalists and fans at Gaborone’s Newscafe, Motlhabane was emphatic that he is happy to be out of the house despite the doubting expressions on the faces of some of those gathered at the eviction party. The pint-sized University of Botswana (UB) student, who was tired after sleepless nights since last Sunday, said he had a great time in the house and that he would soon write a book about his experiences during the reality show, titled, 21 Days In The Big Brother House.

Motlhabane, who smiled throughout the session, added that plans were advanced to make his dreams a reality as he has already spoken to the Big Brother chiefs who have promised to help him with this enterprise. He said one of the people who inspired him to undertake the project is Jeff Omondi of Kenya, who has published some books.

The UB student, who will go back to the university in the next semester, said that he does not regret leaving the Big Brother house and that by the time he was evicted he was itching to return home. Motlhabane says he does not hold any grudges against people who had voted him out explaining that that is part of the game. On whether he had any grudges against Meryl with whom he had a bitter exchange of words, the upcoming writer dismissed the insinuation saying “Meryl cooked the best food in the house” and was a “good friend”.

Explaining his drinking habits in the house, the evictee was not apologetic saying he drank so much because there was nothing much to do to chase away the boredom.

He further said that as a member of the UB Debating Society he was bound by the agreement between members not to indulge in too much alcohol. Motlhabane further said that while he was a representative of Botswana in the house, people must be mindful of the fact that he was also an individual and that he felt that he was not bound to put himself under unnecessary pressure. The evictee said he would take time to reflect on a lot of things between now and January when he will resume his university studies.

What a twat. Now he wants to write a book! Wonder what he’s gonna write about, seeing that he didn’t do much during those 21 days! Guy can’t even speak properly. Hope you’re reading this Justice, cos I want you to know that you suck!


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