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Lerato : The Penthouse Hoe

2007_8_22_511_lrg-copy.jpg 2007_8_30_632_lrg-copy.jpg 2007_8_27_589_lrg-copy.jpg

When Maxwell won the title of HoH, there was no guessing who he’d pick as his guest in the penthouse. I was however hoping that he’d chose a guy, like Kwaku or Code… I know I said I wanted a couple in there, but I’m really getting tired of Lerato being everyone’s choice so far. It’s monotonous. So is the whole Penthouse thing now. Can’t Big Brother spice things up and do something else for a change… And while I’m on thatwhere’s the Sin Bin?! I’m still waiting Biggie.

Hopefully, they’ll treat us and take their ‘relationship’ to a new level…


4 Responses to “Lerato : The Penthouse Hoe”

  1. please just treat these events as normal atleast now further light has been shade about the Lerato Maxwell relationship. Cant complain about this

  2. she trully is.I’m sure she knows that place inside out.but she’s cool

  3. There is more to it then meet the eyes. Probably she beg,s for it

  4. Max why ar u delaying ha, plz do something esp ha Kandar is longing 4 yo supergetti.

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