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Nominations 3: Meryl vs. Maureen vs. Richard

Ooh! What a sizzler! My predictions weren’t totally off the mark.

In what had to be the closest nominations show in BBA2, the housemates with the most votes were initially: Meryl, Maureen and Ofunneka. Maxwell as HoH surprised me and maybe a few others with his decision to save Ofunneka [and not Meryl who I thought he might] and replaced her with the predictable choice of Richard. Maxwell gave the reason that Richard was too lazy around the house and that he never knew when to joke and when to be serious. Maxwell’s reason for saving Ofunneka was that she was hard-working and like a “mother” to the house. You could see it was tough for him, but I think he made the prefect choice.

Check the official site to see who nominated who.

What irritated me was the smug look on Lerato’s face once Max had emerged from Diary Room. It was that kind of look that read “Oh, I am like SO safe this week, cos my baby’s like the Head of House y’know!”

I think Meryl believes that she’d been saved again this week. And I’d love to see her face come Sunday when she finds out that she was up for eviction after all.

Who stays and who goes?

Africa, you decide! Vote now.

(Maureen pack your bags, baby!)

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
Bertha 1 Meryl Maureen
Code 0 Meryl Tatiana
Kwaku 2 Ofunneka Maureen
Lerato 2 Richard Tatiana
Maureen 3 Meryl Bertha
Maxwell 0 Richard Kwaku
Meryl 5 Maureen Ofunneka
Ofunneka 3 Lerato Meryl
Richard 2 Meryl Kwaku
Tatiana 2 Ofunneka Lerato


42 Responses to “Nominations 3: Meryl vs. Maureen vs. Richard”

  1. Maureen pretty i think you have overstayed yo welcome u seem so clueless come back home ad i feel so jealous seeing u kiss that animal Code he is a disgrace to all men
    come to me tht why am votig u out gal i want u home near me

  2. i am so done with maureen blah blah blah. please send her home. meryl will be up for eviction again next week anyway!

  3. Africa lets help pack Maureens bag and send her off; Richard is hotting things up with TaTi and Meryl is a fun girl ; I am sick of Code and Maureen they like a bunch of pre schoolers.

  4. meryl should go.Her time is up

  5. Many are out ati to save Richard’s marriage, nogal. Much as I don’t want to see him leave, but I think he will. Ooh, well there goes my DSTV subscription. DSTV has become so boring and repetitive, atleast BBA has made it a bit alive, and Richard made BBA worth watching – now that he’s going to go … sniff sniff … bye bye DSTV and BBA!


  7. I vote Maureen to go and save Merly and Richard as they are doing good in the house and I like that gal Merly as she make the house live. Maureen pack you bag babe

  8. Robza,why where u suprised about Max’s choice?He did the right thing.Why on earth will he save that slut Meryl?A girl that is a disgrace to womanhood and the whole of Namibia.The reason he gave for saving Ofunneka is worth it.thats the truth.she is the Mother of the house.forget what thos envious pple say on ur site here.

  9. to be fair our own Maureen should leave this house her character and traits nolonger suit this house. Please lovely Muganda lady the whole of Africa has seen enough of your neckdness and to save you from having unprotected sex with all its after effects you should leave. Please Uganda, lets save our gal by voting her out.

  10. For environmental and health reasons Merly should leave the house! Merly pack yo bags en save yo friends.

  11. Pipo leave Mau alone u can’t see exactly who z coming out? Unless u guys support Lesbian in Africa, Meryl xter z killling da whole of Africa, lets pack ha hom thru our votes not Mau. Mau iz like a angle in da hse i mean like a baby so humble, cool, sweet loving and caring. U mean u pple cant observe all dat? Now lets get serious wit wat to say dat z Meryl OUT of da hse come Sande Eviction.

  12. hey i think maureen shud start packing 4 petes’ sake she bores the crap out of me & wat wud bb be with out meryl. cum on SA lets help the sista out after all she is our nieghbour.where are the natural disaster @?coz cyclone has entered the building!!!!!!!!

  13. oh & robza wats wrong with u h8in on my girl meryl?

  14. I like Richie coz without him in da hse, i don kno atleast he z entertaining da hse/mate esp wit his Tati pliz African lets save him & Save Mau as well coz she z innocent jus jealousy from da SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSnake……………… dieing 2 get da CODE number of Malawi man. Shame on haa.

  15. SSSssssnake wat happen to u? Who iz there 2 break yo second leg? Iwud love 2 c u on a wheel chair. Start paying 4 yo sin be4 yo eviction day come next wik u a nex ok.

  16. Maureen should leave the house this week!!!!!!!!!1

  17. I had the same predictions you had. Meryl and Lerato to be nominated, and Max replacing Lerato with Richard. I was close but wrong.

    I figured some of the people who nominated Jeff would switch to nominating Lerato now that Jeff is gone.

    It looks however like the Richard-Tatiana thing caused those nominations to be directed their way instead.

    Tatiana is a wildcard. She consistently votes for Lerato, but she changes her second vote every week. Her decision to vote for Ofunneka this week is the only reason Offuneka was nominated.

    Right now the voting has become pretty random. It’s impossible to say who will be nominated next week. It’s been pretty predictable up till now, but now it will be impossible to predict.

  18. Maureen shdnt pack atall.da eviction contest is btwn meryl n richie.

  19. Lets vote out richie, i think he wont stand the heat from tati, save his marriage coz dats just money but losing the one u love dats way off.
    Richie out for the benefit of yo marriage.

  20. I real don’t understand others when the call Merly names. hey pp wake up or open your eyes and see Merly as a good gal and don’t insult the innocent gal who make the BBA house alive. she got everything mind and boobs. go gal go and you Maureen pack you bag or call me to assist you to go home.

    Merly here is a big hugs and many red roses to stay in the house babe

  21. Analysis is my middle name and without any biarce I can vehemently say that meryl stands the highest chance of leaving the house.The so called deadly alliance of Nigeria,Uganda, Zambia, Kenya,Tanzania, Malawi and Botswana will not rest untill she’s out

  22. Kenya and Botswana it was Meryl who completely brought down jeff and justice and it is about that time we did the same to her.This is the beauty of big brother……. REVENGE|||

  23. smiley why ar u blind? Our eyes are widely open its yo’s which z closed with very many many nuts, we shall help u open them 4 u. I can believe u ar there supporting Miss Lesbian (Meryl). Shame on u.

  24. Bravo Hush thanx, yo’ comment is great i like that. Pliz Meryl pack plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  25. I like Meryl smile dat’s y am voting ha out & also ha two hair which make ha look wierd in da hse, she z never smart, always halfway dress soo indecent. All da time wit legs 180 degree oh no, Namibia plz vote yo gal out be4 she messes ahself more.

  26. By da way Maureen HAPPI BIRTH DAY sweetheart, u look great many more candles. Best luck 4 ha.

  27. I would have loved to keep Meryl in but all I can say is that SA, Ghana & Namibia are fighting a losing battle bcoz a so called deadly alliance of
    Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania,Malawi,Nigeria, Zambia and Botswana will stop at nothing untill she’s out.Goodbye Meryl……..

  28. Hi Big brother crew, i must confess that i really love you guyz show, well done to all the housemate partaking in this reality show. I would like Maureen to be evcited from the house.

    Much Luv to you all.


  29. I didn’t expect Max to save Meryl. He has nominated her for eviction twice. I don’t see why he would save her.

  30. Hello everybody it’s your favourite disaster and I can only feel sorry for all the Meryl fans because the whole of africa is against her. Goodbye meryl have a nice journey home.

  31. lay off maureen you dimwits. Meryl to go on sunday.

  32. Dear Miss Pakwch thanx for your eyes open but open your inner eyes as Merly is not a lesbian as you think and I will always support her as I know her personal and apart she is from my country. I didn’t stop support anyone you like but stop calling our gals lesbian as she is real ad don’t suprise when Maurren go out the house. try to know a person before you judge a book in the cover. I hope you get my point.

  33. I wil tel u again,stop wasting yo cast on maureen.Africa has its eyes set on meryl 4eviction,then it wil teach u a thing or two about appreciating also soft character like Mau’s.Then again,al u funs of Meryl may want that kind of entertainment n ur not blamed.But obviously there’s a bigger # who totally disregard her.HENCE SHE LEAVES COME SUNDAY.By the way its my birthday that sunday:-)

  34. Dear sister to Lesbian(smiley), i don blame u atall coz u ar all birds of da same flight. MA VOTE STILL STAND 4 ( L.E.S.B.I.A.N) yo so call sista no-matter what.
    Come Sunde MISS LES (M”e”r”y”l) out of da hse i swear in African name, dat disgrace gal of yo’s.
    Meryl go outttttttttttttttt
    Meryl come outttttttttttttttt
    On sunde Meryl is coming outtttttt
    Plzzzzz Meryl outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    I repeat Meryl outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
    Receptionist of where i don kno but jus outtttttttttttttttttt of da hse.

  35. Maureen has really overstayed in the house. It,s high time that she leave the house . Telling a story of having been a victim of child abuse won’t help her. I wish it,s high time that she goes out of the house and deal with this matter ( of abuse ) with the law enforcement agencies in Uganda. As for Meryl , we need more action baby … Great ass , juicy , tight lovebox … he-hee , more to come . We still have to see the relieve on her face after Kwaku goes very deep and very wide into that lovebox. Rock it babe .. Richard , we are waiting for action , do it to Tatti . Your wife is already in a very uncompromising mood , anyway. Let the show go on ….

  36. I bet, Merly shall leave the house this Sunday…There is a not so deadly alliance of Namibia, SA and Zambia that shall not really work out. TZ and UG shall be saved this time, though I expect Bertha…the snake(anaconda) to leave the house ASAP

  37. I’ve luved Merryl since I set eyes on her. She is pretty and well composed. I pray she survives eviction, but if not I wish her d best in life

  38. Cote should go is too much in love with maureen

  39. Big up Rich, Ur the man,bring the money back to TZ

  40. Max I like the way you behave in the house

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