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Who’s head is on the chopping block?

With the boring housemates out of the way – I say: “Let the games begin!” The “conspirators” definitely need to pull up their socks in terms of strategy if they want to survive the next round of nominations. Those I speak of are Lerato, Meryl, Bertha, Kwaku and Maxwell. The two power couples in the house are able to manipulate situations in the house to their advanatage, but maybe, just maybe this time things are out of their hands – well for Kwaku and Meryl anyway.

You see, Maxwell is the HoH, and if Lerato is nominated (which she probably will be), there’s no doubt that he would switch her with either Richard (purely cos he feels threatened by him and maybe just hates his guts) or Bertha (cos she’s a conniving third wheel in the whole alliance that no one wants around anyways).

After the housemates have nominated who they want out, my prediction of the two up for eviction would be Lerato and Meryl. Maxwell will replace Lerato with Bertha or Richard (leaning more towards him) and the final outcome could be an interesting one : Meryl vs. Richard.

What a showdown! Both great housemates and one has to walk. Oh, I can’t bear to watch!

Hope I’m wrong.


One Response to “Who’s head is on the chopping block?”

  1. this is going to be interesting. Lol. Will the viewers want Richard out of the house though? Richard – now dubbed as the womanizer and Meryl – now dubbed as the slut. Lol. I also can’t bear to watch, Robza.

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