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Maureen turns 28

A cake from Big Brother, and people singing that irritating birthday song… Nothing has changed from the past 2 birthdays of Richard and Ofunneka. How boring…

I think that the perfect present for her this week should be an eviction. What do you say Biggie? Don’t wait for Sunday, do it now!

She’d better enjoy her time there while it lasts.


5 Responses to “Maureen turns 28”

  1. Happy birthday Maureen, plz may u blow more caddle.

  2. Plz robza171 stop stressing Mau, ha present in da BB-hseis da Moni not what u think. She is in da hse to stay. Okkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. layoff maureen you ROBBER. she will b in de hse until the end.

  4. hey pipo, i truly believe we need to give girls like maureen and ofuneka a chance. we are unable to see them or notice them becoz the other girls like meryl,lerato and bertha are more outspoken.notice how different they are when not around the ‘big dogs’. i think meryl should go…there has to be a clear line between entertainment and plain slutiness. what up with her and her foolish dance-wrapping her legs around her neck!!!!!!we’ve seen enough. even if men get excited….for how long? she needs to learn to value herself more. africa lets reward pipo for the gud and not qualities like meryls,

  5. Happy birthday Maureen and i really think an eviction would be a good present for you girl.Go home Maureen. You are BORROWINGGGGGGGGGGG

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