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The Adulterer, the Mrs. and the Madam

He he… sounds like a novel or a movie, doesn’t it… Well, I can say that it is definitely hollywood material.

Richard and Tatiana have been getting extremely close the past couple of days and it seems things are only getting closer… Just yesterday in the diary room, Richard requested for a place in the house where the cameras don’t reach. Lord knows what he wants to do in such places with Tatiana – one’s imagination can only run wild.

Richard and Ricki have been married for about 5 months now, and one of those have been spent with another woman.

Ricki, Richard’s wife (or soon to be ex!) had been a regular blogger on the official BBA website. She defended her man’s actions at all costs and took flack from forum posters. But once Tatiana came into the picture, Ricki backed down. After claiming that she [Ricki] didn’t mind the bad press Richard had been getting and that nobody would get her to stop supporting him by posting regularly, one particular Angolan temptress was able to. Ricki vanished from the virtual scene last week, with allegations flying all over the web that she had returned to Canada because she couldn’t take it anymore.

Ricki’s last post on her blog was on 29th August 2007 and this is what she wrote:

Hello everyone,
First I want to say thanks to all of you who supported me and Richard on this forum so far. This will be my last blog. This whole fiasco has been stressful for me, and to be honest I didn’t really expect that it would be like this. I’ve got enough issues to deal with already, and spending time reading hurtful comments will do nothing for my well being. If I am going to stay strong, this forum isn’t a good idea for me. I hope you understand my decision is not being cowardly, I am simply human and going through a lot right now.
Have fun and please continue to support Richard.

Just a few days ago, Ricki’s resurfaced and posted the following on the BBA forum:

“Richard the cheat”

Richard, you committed adultery in the house. What was going through your mind each time you cheated on your wife? Didn’t you know she was watching, even late in the night?

OOH!!!! Whether or not this is really her remains to be seen and whether she’ll be attending the Sunday live show or not will clarify all.

Tatiana also has a boyfriend back home, but she made it very clear that she would do ANYTHING to ANYONE in the house to get to the top. Wonder what her man is saying now?

An enthralling tale indeed.


20 Responses to “The Adulterer, the Mrs. and the Madam”

  1. Richi u ar an African man so there’s nothing wich can stop u from going out with an african gal, nothing as i said jus entertain us we need more action plzzzzzzzzzz. I like U Richi,tati and Maureen.

  2. hmmmm, oh well – i guess it is quite clear that marriage is over. I believe more is going on between Tatiana and Richard. But i am just amazed at SPEED at which people hook up in that house. DANG!! People….:(

  3. Pliz Richi where did u get Ricki from? U 4got dat african women ar hotter dan da muzungus. let m tell u something da day u wll test dat Tati u wll regreat yo’ “I DO” to Ricki. U ve got a gud match according to me.

  4. I maself don see anything wrong with Richi and Tati. Ricahrd, Richard, Richard, can’t u c its easy to handle Tati dan Ricki esp thier weight, its so easy 2 carry Tati, she z all da time on yo’ lap, u ve never complain, uenjoy carry ha as if she z de “I DO ” kind of . BRAVOOOO Richi.

  5. By da way am not gonna vote u coz u ar 2 stay 4 Tati, we enjoy seeing u two 2gether. So ma vote is strickly 4 Meryl. Maureen no way i can’t touch ha coz she z da BABY of da week in da hse.

  6. Tazanian ma n/bour we lov u guys plz lets join hands in throwing Meryl out of da hse, we shudn’t giv ha chance since she doesn’t like Richi & Maureen.

  7. Ricki also left ha boyfriend in Canada so let ha move & beside she z also starving, married for 5 months or no dats too long. Richard dat was toooooooo long, ma thanx goes 2 BBAfrica 4 saving Richard from dat great Mistake.

  8. Lets not encourage divorce; Richie may have backslided but we dont know if its for the game or for real. I like richie but to see him lose his wife for just money and dat tati, heeell NO NO
    If tati was for enviction i would envict her coz i hate woman who go after married men, so many single men there and u had to slip with a married? Game or not, tati u r a ho ho ho baby, have some pride gal.
    And what a body, with no shape; richie yo wife is beta dats y she’s yo wife. There so many of dat type in taz, shapeless women, no hips, like she’s sick. Ricki, hang in there babes we r sending yo man home. Richie Out

  9. I can only say that,there many who dnt agree with richard’s drift towards tati and in all honesty,fm all forum remarks,the only thing that wil save richard fm being evictd tis sunday is if actualy meryl goes.maureen is a weak contender 4 da eviction slot tis sunday.but hey,richie man,go do yo thang.only u knows wat yo game plan is.pity ricki tho.

  10. please Tati leave the married man alone!

  11. The 3rd hse/mate to leave da BBhse is is is is is is……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. M>E>R>Y>L.

  12. Richie dear,do you want to ruin your marriage cos of that woman?Pls man be wise.ur wife is more beautiful.Change or i vote u out.

  13. Man Ricky,remember ur wife has been supportive until u started requesting for a hidden place for u and tatti Why?Be wise

  14. The ends justify the means… I take it everything is about the prize, however no matter what it takes to be the last in the house That house is like a cofine space and you do anything do survive it

  15. Its not been easy 4 Rich like it would have been 4 any other man. Rich is just been human

  16. Tati,if richie has cheated b4,wat makes u sure ur xceptional!!!!!!!!!

  17. I can’t stop laughing at you Miss Pakw.. wat ever ur name is listen lady if u like to have him in bed just say so i agree with many others we should not encourage divorce at all else we will end up divorced ourselves. Richard Richard… Tati Tati guys we are forgetting something they are both actors!!!!! Tati won two awards Richie is an execellent student I would not make bet that there is anything true in what they do……. let them both fly as high as they can we are just the audience they need. Lets only wait for the end………Cheers………

  18. hello everyone i think richard is only playing the game and am also sure he loves his wife so much so please richard’s wife dont leave him keep surporting you and richard so much

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    exacerbated the bad situation, finally I found a good way to bring my friend back in the website and today we’re happy together more than ever! 🙂

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