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Housemate Ranking

Here’s how I rank the current 10 BBA housemates:

10 (Lowest) – Kwaku

09 – Lerato

08 – Code

07 – Maureen

06 – Bertha

05 – Meryl

04 – Maxwell

03 – Ofunneka

02 – Richard

01 (Highest) – Tatiana

What’s it based on?! Well, sheer randomness. Things like likeability, strategy, adapting to situations etc.

Do you agree with my choices?

Air your views. Post a comment. Let us know who your faves are.


25 Responses to “Housemate Ranking”

  1. My Rankings

    Its very close between Maxwell and Richard to win BBA 2

  2. Mine

  3. It’s pretty obvious that Maxwell is winning big brother…my rankings

    1. Maxwell
    2. Tatiana
    3. Ofunneka
    4. Maureen
    5. Code
    6. Lerato
    7. Bertha
    8. Meryl
    9. Richard
    10. Kwaku

    but i seem to like her sexy ways, shed make any man go gaga for her, haaaaa,did i hear you say dangerous, cud be right, but danger sometimes is good,but like i said b4, LERATO IS A BAD GIRL…PERIOD.

  5. TOP 5 Rankings

  6. ma rankings
    1. maureen
    2. tatiana
    3. richard
    4. code
    5. max
    6. ofunekka
    7. kwaku
    8. bertha
    9. lerato

  7. my ranking is;
    2) code
    4) bertha

  8. after many of your earlier predictions that have gone wrong….I will not follow you blindly this time.

  9. 08 – Code
    07 – Maureen
    06 – Maxwell
    05 – Bertha
    04 – Ofunneka
    03 – Meryl
    02 – Richard
    01 (Highest) – Tatiana

  10. Ofuneka has a beta chance than any atha housemate

  11. @nana,

    Is this directed at me? If so, how many “earlier predictions that have gone wrong” have I made and what were they?

  12. Seems like Richard and Tati are Top 3 faves so far… Hope they get far…Maxwell, by no means, deserves to win BBA2. It’s like that guy from BBNigeria (can’t even remember his name!) – he would be the most forgettable winner ever.

  13. Evicted – shame poor meryl – embarrassing to watch her – so angry – i’m sure she was sexually abused as a child – this explains her lasciviousness [reasurch has found this to be the case]

    08 – Code – a bizzy body creep

    08 – Maureen – so phoney boooooring

    08 – Ofunneka – aaaaagressive & desperate & boaring

    08 – Maxwell – what a creep – usless leader – sexist deluxe

    04 – Bertha – sings beautifully – gone off her – she’s a snake making moves on meryls partner Kwaku before she was evicted
    he’s a bastard for resiprocating too

    04 – kwaku – brilliant mind i’d hire him as my lawyer any day – disappointed he was so cold and ignored meryl at the end. and had the nerve to continue to sleep with her. or at least talk to her about what was bothering him

    03 – lerato – annoying and too loud. way glad she’s tuned down the lewd behaviour – i heard her saying last night that she was watching porn tapes from the age of 10! this explains a lot –
    i thought she was also a sexual abuse survivor judging by her behaviour

    02 – Richard – a funny but simple minded/idiot. he would make it through if he didn’t sleep in the same bed as tatiana – adultery wont go down well with the peeps

    01 (Highest) – Tatiana – she’d be so much more interesting if she slept on her own – she’s an adulteress!
    it would also have lent her more credibility as she has a partner on the outside – stuff “it’s a game” daaaa we know it is. a brother and sister relationship is appropriate for her and richard.

    actually i’m sick of the lot of them!

    i liked jeff because he was the only one who was proud to be black and african. he spoke about being african and pointed out the behaviour in the house was black on black racism during the africahood game – ho = hoar = sex worker. i heard them calling each other nigger too – ironic that the game big brother gives them is about the african nation? and the criminals!!
    how sad is that? why couldn’t they come up with 2 different nations – which would show the dynamics of country co existence?
    to see a load of middle class black africans being proud of being black and behaving as if they are african americans makes me feel so sad. it depresses me. look at the state of the states! i do understand why though – we all need role models that look like us that we can identify with hence the consumption by the entertainment media in africa, purchasing american programs [cheaper than making your own] which unfortunately the overwhelming majority of programs show black people as negative stereotypes. gangs/drugs/violence/violence on women disrespect of women. most of the money to back these programs come from the right wing white. those who own the means of production [k marx] those who make the decisions. those who have the power!

  14. I must say Bertha is smart! She is so good at scheming! And so is Tatiana! Lerato and Max are just too obvious. I wonder if Ofunneka, Code and Maureen know that this is a game, such there is no such thing as “friends” here. Lol.

    09 – Maureen
    08 – Code
    07 – Ofunneka
    06 – Maxwell
    05 – Bertha
    04 – Lerato
    03 – Meryl
    02 – Richard
    01 (Highest) – Tatiana

  15. Oops, I left out Kwaku … ouch … Okay, my list is changing slightly …

    09 – Maureen
    08 – Code
    07 – Lerato
    06 – Maxwell
    05 – Kwaku
    04 – Bertha
    03 – Ofunneka
    02 – Richard
    01 (Highest) – Tatiana

  16. my top ranking;-
    01. Richard
    02. Tatiana
    03. Ofuneka
    04. Code
    05. Maxwell
    06. kwaku
    07. Bertha
    08. Lorato
    Richard and Tatiana has the better chance to the winners

  17. 01. kwaku
    02. richard
    03. maureen
    05. maxwell
    06. lorato
    08. ofuneka
    09. code

  18. i think merly was the wrong person to leave the house at this point she could have given bertha a hard time .

  19. just seen the nominations show.
    maxwell is a nasty little man.
    a traitor for not saving meryl last week!
    and he has the gaul to put his arm around kwaku to console him as he sees her leave the house! hah!
    meryl cries when her “friend” goes how could he be sleeping with meryl and he gets rid of her buddy?!
    i think max’s tactics suck
    if he had any savy he would stick with his “gang” get rid of those on the outside. this way they would stay together longer?
    i think i’ll emigrate from africa if he’s kept in the house next sunday!
    tatiana and richard nominated.
    very shrewd of meryl
    i new she’d replace herself with tantiana
    it was the obvious thing to do

  20. My rankings are based on the probability of survival, and they go as follows

    1. Code
    2. Ofunneka
    3. Bertha
    4. Kwaku
    5. Maureen
    6. Lerato
    7. Max
    8. Tatiana
    9. Richard

    In other words I think Code is least likely to be evicted in the next 3 weeks and I think Richard is most likely to be evicted.

    I don’t see why people think Max is wrong for not saving Meryl. Max is friends with Lerato, but that doesn’t make him friends with Meryl. See this is the problem with trying to divide people into camps. Max doesn’t even like Meryl. He nominated her every week until she was evicted. Why would he save her? Max doesn’t like Kwaku either. He’s nice to Kwaku because he doesn’t want Kwaku to evict him, but he’s also put Kwaku up for eviction before.

  21. Code is the leading contender so far. To date i don’t think he has received any nominations from fellow house mates.
    Tatiana was playing the game well till she and Richard started the Richiana affair. I would like to know what she thinks about Richard being married, has she dated married men before?

  22. My ranking based on recent post nomination verbal abuse & backstabbing: 1 being the LEAST likely to be voted out
    1. Ofuneka
    2. Tatiana
    3. Richard
    4. Code
    5. Maureen
    6. Bertha

  23. Gawd! I’m addicted to this blog! Let me get back to writing now. I have 30 short stories to finish and submit. Anyway, after seeing the nomination show last night, I’m changing myh rankings …

    09 – (Lowest) Maxwell
    08 – Lerato
    07 – Kwaku
    06 – Bertha
    05 – Code
    04 – Maureen
    03 – Ofunneka
    02 – Richard
    01 – (Highest) Tatiana

  24. 1.kwaku(Highest)
    I think it is a close race between Kwaku and Tatiana with Richard closely lagging behind,any of these cld emerge as the winner

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