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Lerat-Hoe is HoH! No…

Who would’ve guessed that Lerat-Hoe has a good memory! After the memory task, yesterday, Big Brother announced that she had won HoH.

And we all know what that means?! Penthouse treat… AGAIN! The Penthouse Hoe strikes again for the fourth time! Question now is – who is she going to take? Will she be turning Maxwell into her Penthouse Man Hoe for the 2nd time?!

And on nominations: If Bertha’s up, she’s safe, as well as Max (which he probably won’t be). I can see it now: Richard and Tatiana up against each other for eviction… I ask myself, why is this b&^$& so worried about their relationship?! It’s none of her business. Let Richard do what he wants to do. When they’ve all left the house, Lerato won’t see him ever again and he’d have to deal with his marriage on his own.

I’m sick of this busy body, her Lap-dog Maxwell, her gossip-monger friend, Bertha that’s hard-up for a man. I do feel bad for her ex-BFF, Meryl, who’s being back stabbed left right and center when her relationship with Kwaku is the topic of scrutiny among “The Alliance”.


3 Responses to “Lerat-Hoe is HoH! No…”

  1. Lerato wase mzansi, you deserve everything good, you are a really soweto girl doing what you supposed to do. Keep it up girl friend, please dont mess up because you are one of the reasn why i watch bb2 and also your “baby” max, bertha and kweku.

  2. helo bba lerato suck,she do nt desaver 2 be in the house. if she do nt leave the house that mean is bb south africa nt bba

  3. Cheaters…

    […]Lerat-Hoe is HoH! No… « BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog[…]…

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