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Eviction 3: You WILL be missed, Meryl!

No Africa! No! You suck! I hope you’re happy that you’ve kicked out the most exciting person in Big Brother Africa II… The star of Shower Hour…

In a shock eviction last night, Meryl from Namibia was named the 3rd evictee from the Big Brother house. After surviving possible eviction previously thanks to Bertha, Meryl’s time had come for Africa to sink their claws into her and remove her from the house without hesitation. Her overbearing sexual nature, infectious laugh, ability to contort her body and how she made 8am – 9am worthwhile wasn’t appreciated at all, as 7 countries voted for her to leave.

My question is: What is Africa basing their votes on?! Why the hell is Maureen still in that house?

*sigh*… I give up.

Catch nominations tonight.


20 Responses to “Eviction 3: You WILL be missed, Meryl!”

  1. Plz ROBZA take away yo’ Rubish. Maureen z in da hse to stay and also 2 win da Moni. Just leave ha alone. She is a survivor.

  2. While everyone complains of Meryl’s sexual nature, i still think her boobs are hot………………however i surely won’t miss her. Biggie what if the HOH decides to go with the nominations made by housemestes hence avoid replacements? That should give the HOH some leverage from his/her mates under the present circumstances…

  3. keep on crying baby. meryl is gone and forgotten. maureen will stay in de hse as long as she wants. who told u africa was interested in meryl nudity. she can go pin up pictures of her nude in the streets of windhoek but not BBA.

  4. Clearly rob … you’re far left from the general African view. Are you even African?

  5. @Az,

    Yes, I am african. Born and bred in Africa. Don’t quite get where you’re going with the whole “general african view”… Please enlighten me.


  6. @andy,

    I never said anything about africa being interested in meryl’s nudity. All I said was that she makes 8am – 9am worthwhile. Anything can happen during that time.. And where I make mention of her being the star of Shower Hour could also mean anything… My goodness, you sure do jump to conclusions. 😛

  7. Robza, it’s clear people enjoy boredom! Meryl did bring some life to the show! Imagine if Jeff, Ofunneka and Maureen were the last three. Uwii!!!!

  8. Her nudity was causing so much attention must especially from guys.she made the place lively but it is more than nudity which she put forward that has caused her eviction. she may find better job in porn movies but for now BBA is more than that.Nice she is gone so let brain and character determine who wins.

  9. The reason Meryl left is the same reason Abby left last year and its the same reason that has made maureen stay on till now!
    Africa does not appreciate rotten values. That’s just it. I won’t be surprised if Richi is evicted as much as he is an entertainer. The fact that he is a cheater kills the average african. Cherise won not because she was entertaining (she only hd the shakira moves) but cos she was very hardworking and presented a motherly figure. Goin by that Ofu will surely be among the last 4. The likes of lerato are only counting their time….This is Big Brother Africa and not UK, period. Nudity, swearing, open sex r not appreciated by the typical african. Tatiana, Be warned

  10. ken what are african values u want to tell me that african males did not like shower hour starring merly .What do u base ur african values on is there a book i must read or what?

  11. :Ken
    :AZ, I hear you, tell me something though – for a continent that is so against rotten values as you put it, why do men cheat so openly then? These days having a mistress is just as okay as having another car. There is so much abuse – be it mentally, physically or emotionally. People do so much schitt behind closed and those same people are the first one to point fingers and spit in disgust at the ones who do as much as say ‘schitt.’


  13. I don’t think it’s about rotten values per se. This was easily the most decisive vote of all no matter how you look at it. Meryl got votes from 7 countries and from the rest of Africa. Even in a 3 way race she still managed to get evicted by a larger margin than Jeff or Justice before her. She was equally unpopular with her fellow housemates as well. So far she is the only housemate to recieve 6 nominations. Even Justice didn’t get 6. All in all, out of the 12 original housemates, 8 of them nominated her at some point or the other. The only people that didn’t nominate Meryl for eviction at some point were Kweku, Lerato and Tatiana.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with their morals. Justice and Jeff were the picture of morality, but we had no problem evicting them. Marueen survived against Jeff at a time when she was basically throwing herself at Code.

    The voters don’t evict immoral housemates, they evict housemates that are at the center of drama. Housemates like Maureen and Code who have managed to avoid drama without isolating themselves from the other housemates are the ones who manage to avoid eviction. Jeff’s little altercation with Offuneka during a week when he was up for eviction probably guaranteed that he was evicted.

    And there is a good reason why: According to a poll on BBAs website right now, most voters who vote, vote mainly to evict a housemate they don’t like, as opposed to voting to keep in a housemate they like. So in other words if you are a housemate like Meryl, that has a lot of fans, but also a lot of enemies, your more likely to be voted out than someone like Maureen who has few true fans, but also few true enemies. Statistically, the number of Meryl’s enemies that would vote to keep her out, are greater than the number of her fans that would vote to keep her in The people who manage to avoid eviction the most are people who are friendly, but who manage to stay out of drama. Code has yet to pick up any nominations, so he probably won’t be up for eviction any time soon, but I’m wiling to bet that were Code to go up for eviction against say … Kwaku, as much as I hate to say it because Kwaku is my countryman, Kwaku would be evicted.

    That being said I admire Meryl to a point. She came in saying that she was going to be herself no matter what. But as someone so determined to be herself, I’m sure she understands that sometimes the price you pay for being yourself is that people don’t like you.

  14. damn david, u sure can roll out a script.

  15. @Robza171

    The general African mindset on nudity is different from that of the Western world. Robza171 may have been born in Africa but I doubt if he is ethnically African. (My apologies if you are mate.) I think his writing in general betrays him in this regard and if he is of ethnic African descent then his adopted Western worldview is overrides his African worldview.

    Most of Africa’s decision to knock of Meryl is proof enough that they don’t value the supposed entertainment of her nudity in the same way Robza171 does. For example, while he may get excited at the site of a naked breast – most of us grew up seeing breasts when our mothers, aunts and sisters breast fed where ever, when ever. To get excited about a naked breast then is – so western.

    Africa is voting – so count that in your predictions.

  16. @saharasoulfood:
    Men have been infidels from time immemorial but its mo of the ostrich buryin its head in the ground for cover. Its mo of do wat i say but nt wat i do. many of us r cheats but it doesnt mean we approve of it. Silently we succumb to the devil of cheating but publicly we accept its wrong. We may do it but doesnt mean we support it.
    Secondly majority of bba viewers r women. Women hate that shit w a passion. Its in their instinct. They will vote out richie not cos they hate him but to save his marriage so soulfood baibe wat wud u do, vote out max so that we still enjoy the frolicking btn richie and tati? OR b da average african and vote one of them out?
    Maself? Am voting out Max cos i wanna c how far richard will go. Will he eventually cheat on his wife? If he does that, there’s only 1 way 4 him. EXIT

  17. go tatian thumb up for u lol u are a bomb show them u gut what it takes to be in da hause bejinho

  18. U go Robza! The eviction of Meryl was, in my view, a blunder! Or a boobie of magnitude 🙂 Have u also noticed that it was a pivotal point in developments in the house? Keep rocking the BBA blog world!

  19. i love merly very well. she is very beautiful and lively. she’s hot and i admire her so much most expecially her boom. she is cute and a loverly lady to be with. miss you and all your fans love you to.take care……………………..

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