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Nominations 4 : Richiana vs. Maxwell

Seems my predictions came true once again! And I’m not happy at all! My two favourite HM’s [Richard and Tatiana] are up against each other along with Maxwell, who I’m over the moon is up for eviction!

I knew it was gonna boil down to something like this… Lerato in a position of power, she’s nominated (the housemates are finally getting smart nominating HoH’s) WITH her boo, and has to save someone and replace that person. OBVIOUSLY she’s gonna save herself… Oh, I loved the situation she was thrown into. Serves her right for all the backstabbing and jealousy…

Now I just hope her little lap-dog gets the boot and Richard and Tatiana can live happily ever after without one of their rivals in the house. These round of nominations are tough. You’ve got a couple who are so good together [in the game], clearly being attacked by others because they are threats, and a housemate many have considered to be Big Brother Africa II winner material [I don’t. Can anyone spell B-O-R-I-N-G!?]. Either way, there will be another couple broken up in the house after Meryl’s departure.

I know who I want gone…

Have your say now! Vote.

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
Bertha 2 Maureen Richard
Code 0 Richard Tatiana
Kwaku 1 Maureen Richard
Lerato 3 Richard Tatiana
Maureen 2 Maxwell Bertha
Maxwell 3 Richard Bertha
Ofunneka 0 Lerato Kwaku
Richard 5 Maxwell Lerato
Tatiana 2 Lerato Maxwell


28 Responses to “Nominations 4 : Richiana vs. Maxwell”

  1. Tatiana must leave the house,she is 2 much and a lot dont c it. Richard is just caught up in her shadow.


  3. I think Richard is going to be the one to go. He has withdrawn himself from the house, and seems like he is always sulking, and that’s not the Richard that entered the house. My prediction: Richard will be involved in some major drama in the house this week that will convince voters to evict him.

    I actually find it sad because I’m not ready to see Richard leave. Out of the three if I had to pick someone to leave I think I would go with Tatiana.

  4. Lerato actually had the best HoH choice so far. Everybody will understand her decision to save herself so she doesn’t have to worry about Richard or Max being angry ’cause she didn’t save them, and she replaced herself with Tatiana, but since Tatiana already doesn’t like her (Tatiana has nominated Lerato for eviction every week), it won’t change much in the house for her.

  5. If Tatiana is there for a long time we contribute in breaking Richards wife,or we condone what they are doing

  6. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! It’s a blessing in disguise that Richard got nominated last week. Such he is now used and comfortable with the idea of being a nominee. Max on the other end he is at his wits ends! Can you see how nervous and insecure he is! Yaani very soon we will see him chewing at his nails. Lol.

    :Dave, Lerato doesn’t know that Tatiana had nominated her. Who nominated who is never revealed to the housemates.

    Anyhow, Max’s so pathetic though! He’s been happily nominating people and actually thought that nobody would ever nominate him?! Lol. Max will go! One thing Africans can’t stand is two-faced people, that is why we sing about umoja and ubantu all the time. And Max hasn’t shown this at all! Max will go! He is a liar and a back stabber! Did you hear the excuses he made for nominating Meryl? He keeps on changing them everyday! Max must go!!!!!

    Bertha is not really two faced – Bertha and Tatiana are no different at all. Only that they are both using different strategies; Bertha her mouth and Tatiana her soft hands. Bertha is doing what most women do – buy friendship by running their mouths. But she hasn’t devided anybody parse. But Max? Duuh! My boy, the table has turned on you badly!! Pole sana!!

  7. Actually am happy lerato replaced herself with tati, dat gal is a damp ho ho with no pride. Either tati or richie to go just to break the bond and see if one would survive without the atha, with max i know he will be there nix wik.(thou he’s my favorite)

  8. I vote Maxwel out and keep Richard for Tatiana’s sake as they are good lover but only in the house but out is Ricki control

  9. Please note the rules hereunder … Max camp have been plotting whom to nominate ever since the camp was started. How comes BB is keeping mum about it?!

    Nominations will usually take place as follows:

    – Housemates will be called individually to the Diary Room to make a nomination.

    – At Big Brother’s request, each Housemate will give the names of two Housemates that they think should leave the House.

    – A Housemate may not nominate him\herself.

    – Nominations must be justified and clear reasons given.

    – The nomination must be honest and sportsmanlike. It is forbidden to collude with others over who to nominate.

    – A Housemate who refuses to make a nomination may be penalised or disqualified.

    – A minimum of two Housemates who receive the most nominations will be up for eviction.

    – Housemates may never discuss whom they have nominated or intend to nominate.

    – Should a new contestant be introduced to the House, they cannot nominate nor be nominated during their first week in the House.

    – The final say will lie with the viewers, who will vote to decide which of the two nominated Housemates stays and which one will be evicted from the House.

    Big Brother is allowed to change the rules at any time…

  10. Max should go, its high time we break that group, “The untouchables”, they think they own that house, after all they are boring..
    We want to be entertained, so lets save Richiana, VOTE MAX OUT!!!

    LOL!!! He is in for it..

  11. Max, Max, you were doing so well till you made a big blander by nominating Bertha. Open your eyes and ears, your downfall is in the gossip with Lerato and Code. You have created enemies with Maureen, Richard and Tatiana. You are doomed my man. Sorry you are going home for being so careless and loosing your focus. The way I see it now, you have the following coutries after your head:Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Kenya and Namibia. Your savers could be : Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria and Botswana. Question mark on Malawi.

  12. now that meryl is gone house is too tame…the the ones still on the chopping block…arrgh!…how i wish that richard stays in…seems his wife has bolted…this should get more interesting…

  13. Diva, bmzs Bots
    Max was doing so well, now that we have seen his true colurs, Maxwell is a snake. All Malawians are after him, imagine Max was saying CODE is a betrayer, he thinks CODE nominated him. MAXWELL should go. Lets join hands and vote him out


  15. Richard needs to go home and sort out his mess with his wife….is money worth his marriage. i’d also be careful if i were tatiana…he’s playing her and his relationship with her as strategy!!!!!!!

  16. Maxwell should go

  17. personally, i want the fantastic four made up of bertha, kwaku, lerato and maxwell to be broken and since, max is the only one up for grabs at the slaughter house – i feel he should go.

    Since his nomination, he (max) has been insufferable and has stopped using his brain cells. My goodness, why does he feel that he is above being nominated…why do any of them in that group feel that they are above being nominated…..


  18. personally, i want the fantastic four made up of bertha, kwaku, lerato and maxwell to be broken and since, max is the only one up for grabs at the slaughter house – i feel he should go.

    Since his nomination, he (max) has been insufferable and has stopped using his brain cells. My goodness, why does he feel that he is above being nominated…?why do any of them in that group feel that they are above being nominated…..?


    very peeved right now

  19. @sarah

    I know Lerato doesn’t know Tatiana doesn’t like her. But it doesn’t change the fact that Tatiana already doesn’t like her. Because Tatiana already doesn’t like her although Lerato doesn’t know it, she had nothing to lose by nominating Tatiana.

    Every head of house that replaced someone with another housemate got a nomination the following week from the housemate they put up for eviction.

    week 1: Meryl replaced Bertha with Jeff: In week 2 Jeff nominated Meryl
    week 2: Bertha replaced Meryl with Maureen: In week 3, Maureen nominated Bertha.
    week 3: Max replaced Ofunneka with Richard: In week 4, Richard nominated Max
    week 4: Lerato has replaced herself with Tatiana. Under normal circumstances this would result in a backlash since Tatiana will vote for her next week. But since Tatiana has already been trying to evict Lerato since the show began, Lerato did not gain a new enemy by putting Tatiana up for eviction.
    Lerato unknowingly made the best choice possible.

  20. max still rules! i mean did u c hw borin the house was wen he wasnt der? yo gas to wait n c! the ugly couple will hav a tie n bad 4 tati,his wife will b w8in 4 him n after dat, she’ll b so 4gotten…so i’ld say im savin her the pain by evictin him! HA! HA! HA! LONG LIVE MAX!!!!!

  21. richard ur sooo out bra! b4 u loose both jezebel n yo wife! max is goin nowhere! WAIT N WATCH! HOLLLAAAA!!!

  22. max RULES! richard SUCKS! nathn realy amuses me bout him..dats why…..he gone! HA! HA! HA!

  23. jengs n diva, sup! hey dnt u guys think max deserves a 2nd chance? i mean hey we o make mistakes….keep dis dude in the house n i assure u maximum entertainment!

  24. Have any of you guys noticed that Bertha and Code always select the eventual evictee. This week both of them selected Richard. Omen perhaps?

  25. Richard and Tatiana i will pray for you to stay in the house and vote Max who make the house sucks. Ricki don’t mind as Richard is enjoying himself with that beauty from Angola and I hope you will understand that this is a game and if Richard wom the $$ you will be the first woman to enjoy it. Anyway you prove your husband to enter then ripe it.

    Richard and Tati all the best


    Initially, I didn’t mind that he is Zambian and they won the maiden BBA and Project fame, I still favoured him to win BUT NOW -Maxwell out! Out! OUt!! OUT!!!

  27. Max is leaving this sunday… like it or not.

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