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Where’s Ricki?!

So Meryl is history. And so might be the marriage of a particular Tanzanian Casanova.

At the beginning it seemed that everything Richard did, Ricki knew and approved of it – that they planned the whole thing together before going into the house. She even mentioned that she supported whatever he did 100%. But I don’t think she saw what was coming. The budding and ever-growing romance between Richard and Tatiana has caused sparks to fly as well as rumours that Ricki had gone back to Canada, as she had been hurt by Rich’s actions.

With Richard being nominated and possibly evicted, many wondered if Ricki would still be supporting her hubby through everything that has happened and prove the critics wrong, by showing up at the live eviction show. Come Sunday 09 September – she was nowhere to be found! Richard’s brother came instead.

Mmm… seems there’s trouble in paradise and we’ll only know what really happens once Richard comes out of the house.


14 Responses to “Where’s Ricki?!”

  1. well i think she has really been hurt by her husband’s actions.No woman in the world even a gold digger would want to share her husband with someone else just for $100 000.I think Richard has lost it.The only reason he survived eviction was that he was with a weaker contender

  2. yes indeed I would have thought Ricki would be there to give the 100% support to Richard. Instead we got the benefit of seeing Richard’s”yummy” handsome brother. Ricki Rick where are you, as you did vow for “$100000 richer”??? Dont give up yet for Tati to take it away from you!!

  3. that is the game and what happen in the house is a history. Ricki be there for your hubby when you support him to go what you were thinking? nothing easy in life. If you real love him stand still

  4. Ricki is not in Canada! Where did you get that from? I was with her at the Irish Pub yesterday! I even have pictures to prove! She was sure that baby boy was not going to get evicted that’s why she never went to SA. Ricki is cool and has a wild sense of humuor. Darn, that girl can drown margaritas!! Huu huu!!!

  5. @Sarah,

    That’s good to hear. As I said in my post, “there were rumours going around”… It would be great if you could “prove it” to me by sending a pic or two… he he… :p

  6. Ricki and Tatiana make a really good couple but is all a game? Was Richard asking BB about a place without cameras just a ploy to make us keep him in the hse inorder to know wat happens next? What has richard done to make e’ryone label him a cheat? A kiss forced by other hsmates? OR cuddling each other in the swing bed? Does this equal cheating? No way? I wd say Richard is playin the game well and the wife knows that. I bet my foot, Richard will not sleep w Tatiana cos he DOESN’T LUV HER! A kiss here & there will suffice but in the end, he’s goin bak to his canadian wife!

  7. Sarasoulfood has said that she was Rick. So, Rick then we will see at this week’s eviction show!!! Hope that you will not be a “no show” again, otherwise it will mean that you have given up on the “game”

  8. The whole thing of relationship or having someone to kiss, cuddle ich ich is way off BBA. Its not all about dat meeen, let them be creative enof to find something apart from childish or fake r/ship.I would love to separate the 2 and c how one will survive like survival africa(mo interestn than BBA).
    for now richie back to ricki.

  9. rchi dont woory dont even show up this richard is going home the y want to nail you downin pres keep it coolthre was no way richard could avoid it coz first sight all grls almost fought for him so it was better for to stick with one wise girl thats tatiana.

  10. rchi dont wory dont even show up this richard is not going home the y want to nail you down in pres keep it cool there was no way richard could avoid it coz first sight all girls almost fought for him so it was better for him to stick with one wise girl thats tatiana.

  11. guys!!!!! i don’t think Ricki has given up and i don’t think Richard is doing a wrong thing, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys let’s keep Richard in the house, let’s help him get what he deserve, coz he risk his marriage plz, i beg u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It seems that many people are so interested in how painful it is to watch your husband and dont give a damn about it more than gossiping and just realy cant wait for the live sex on BBa,stop being hypocrites if what Richard is doing so imoral even to compare with indicent Proposal then how come nobody says that BBA is imoral to start with afterall thats where it is all happening?? I doubt if Tatiana wants to be another Abby…. who by the way didit for money and popularity only to end up seeking popularity in TZ. Ricky dear dont give a shit about what people say, it is btn you and Richard of what is wrong and right and how to deal with it! Not the so called FAN, we will support Richie and leave the rest to the two of you! By the way even if Ricky is in Canada did it occur to anyone that she simply went to see her relatives? good timing hubby is not home to be left lonely….Cheers to all

  13. i personally think Richard is loosing it and Tatiana too. these pple are married and engaged resp” but every game has a limit if really Tataina was seducing Richie he wld have dogded her but it seems he”s intrsted. lets not judge them bse their pple know them better. But if i were Richard i wld do anything not to hurt RICKI bse he said she has been there for him.

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