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Big Brother High

Recently, the BBA house has had a similar environment to that of a high school. It has its bullies, its jocks and cheerleaders (popular kids), geeks and nerds (unpopular kids). The popular kids being Lerato, Kwaku, Maxwell and more recently, after slithering her way in and proving that she too can snag a man, Bertha. Often referring to themselves as the Fantastic Four a.k.a the Untouchables (by the viewers), the “cool kids” think they rule the school.

The ‘unpopular kids’ are Maureen and Ofunneka who have in a way isolated themselves from the rest and prefer to gossip about the ‘Untouchables’ at any chance they get.

Richard and Tatiana are prom king and queen, no doubt – in their own world – also somewhat isolated. They mix with the popular kids but yet they hate them and find the ‘uncool’ kids more interesting. They’ve bonded better with them.

Code is the loner a.k.a ex-Jock who was once a part of ‘the untouchables’. But by developing feelings for one of an inferior social ranking (Maureen), he was partly disowned from the gang. However he does still maintain contact with members such as Maxwell and Kwaku. He is confused as to where he stands in the house as he is now the odd man out and has the opportunity to take advantage of his neutral position.


One Response to “Big Brother High”

  1. That’s so true… But we all knw wat happens 2 de popular kids.. They eventually turn on eachother. Leaving the path clear for the underdogs to move in!The higher you climb, the harder you fall. Don’t underestimate offuneka!

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