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The claws come out!

The Untouchables

Oh, ‘the Untouchables‘ are so full of themselves…

Just last night in the jacuzzi after ‘guzzling’ a couple of drinks, Kwaku, Lerato, Maxwell and Bertha went on a housemate bashing spree. Not one of ‘the Others’ were left unscathed.

They mentioned something about how Tatiana can’t even speak English and how they have to translate everything for her because she doesn’t understand anything that’s going on. In simple terms: they say she’s STOOPID. They even went so far as to say that ‘the Others’ will never win Head of House tasks as they [the Fantastic 4] will always win it, that the Penthouse just doesn’t suit them and that they [the Fantastic 4] are the only ones who provide any real entertainment in the house. The nerve!

The Untouchables also found it hard to believe that two of their members were nominated. Remember they’re supposed to be ‘untouchable’.

Who do these four pieces of shite think they are? Do they really believe that the sun shines outta their asses – that they shit Ponds cream? They need a serious wake-up call and I hope that this Sunday’s eviction of their leader, Maxwell, puts a stop to their alliance and causes everything to crumble.

So VOTE out MAXWELL as many times as possible…


17 Responses to “The claws come out!”

  1. i will just cry if any of these 4 win. I even prefer richard and his cheating ways, to these arrogant ………

  2. i love my zambian peeps but MAXWELL MUST GO!!!

    That group must be broken up!!

  3. What you are seeing isn’t arrogance. It’s fear.Meryl showed the same empty bluster in her conversation with Tatiana after she got nominated. Max and Lerato can’t get over the fact that they were nominated, and now they are reacting badly and showing their true colors. I remember when people thought Meryl would stay in the house because she kept the house interesting. Now Meryl is watching the show from outside the house watching Bertha move on her man. She got herself evicted over a man that ain’t even loyal to her.

    The laws of housemate strategy dictate that the way to survive nominations is to avoid drawing attention to oneself during your nomination week. Maureen knew how to avoid getting evicted once nominated. The best way to avoid eviction is to keep a low profile while viewers are voting. The more attention you draw to yourself, the more votes you get. They should learn from Maureen, she has doged eviction twice now. Max by running his mouth is increasing his chances of being evicted.

    The funny thing is that these so-called untouchables, are bound to be evicted because they are not even loyal to each other. Max nominated Kwaku last week. This week, he nominated Bertha. I’m willing to bet money that Bertha will nominate Lerato within the next two weeks, and Kwaku will nominate Max soon if he doesn’t leave this week.

  4. Beta b a gossip than a prostitute, lol

  5. I really digged lerato, bertha and kwaku @ first but they are all just a bunch of gossips incl. Max! Tati, rich, offu and even boring mau nd code r mo fun 2 watch than these snakes! Max nxt 2 go!

  6. PLEASE GUYS, LETS VOTE MAX OUT!!! Im sick’n’tired of the untouchables!!!

  7. lets vote max out and then we can always work on the rest later !! these hopeless fools are crazy claiming that they should not be nominated yet thye nominate other people! ohhh please, we are so done with them.

    please evict max out this sunday!! not any of the superirors should win the money!!!!

  8. Am with Pam on this. Maureen has exhibited a few pointers 2avoid eviction. Am not sure tho any of da untouchables so called wil pick on them bse of all the air they feel. Then again there isnt anythg grave mau has done compared 2 da pips shz coupled up with 4eviction. In ha guise,u may not c wats coming,she may surprise u 2da top.Its not just about entertainment in the house. We vote on da basis of how HMs conduct themselvs in relation 2certain aspects as they arise. Like Max this week,after putting rich up 4eviction,he has managed to save him with his arrogance. Talk about multi-tasking. Hehe! There 2many lessons 2learn fm this. Am sure he wil go bac 2da drawing board n c wea he went wrong

  9. i settled on max out. Frankly i hate to c him go but richi & tati hv something up their sleeves and i hv 2 keep em in. Besides wat da f**k do these pple think they r. That they r superior to other hsemates. F**K em. Max hs really disapointed me w his arrogance. Nw the true colors r comin out. 1st i dug Bertha, her style ws cool until she revealed those fangs. Nw max & his arogance. I zeroed in on Lerato. She’s kinda kool & hs maintained her xter till nw. We hv cm accept her 4 wat she is. Nevertheless, if she gets arrogant too, she will get ma boot.
    Am Ugandan but will root 4 Lerato 2 take it. Rich & Tati shouldnt, they r cheats. Ofu & Mau can be runners up they r too timid to win it and yet too sweet to be voted out. Kwaku, Bertha, r all fakes. As 4 code, i joined MAC (Men Against Code) long time. He looks so lost. Lets wait & c

  10. So sad 2 see B livin such a superficial existance. Hope if anythin she learns that she is deeply confused insecure individual.

  11. Sorry B u didnt come a LONG way. U r stil very near 2 the loose drunk u were. U Dnt hv a dark side. Fuck! U r pitch black. MAN

  12. MAX HAS TO GO GUYS…!!! these guys(untouchables, especially LORAHIPPO) irritate me like hell.. Lets get rid of them one by one.

  13. Please lets all vote Max to go. it will be so sad if one of these big f**ls win BBA II. Shame on max. he used to be so cool till recently. i wonder whyy they tink thy are “√ľntouchable”? i mean it crazy and so silly…they ve been nominating people and they dont feel bad wen the pple go so who told dem big brother africa is for a particular set of pple in the house(like others came to count the ceiling there).
    BBA is a game.they all came in for the same purpose.No one is more qualified than the other.As far as i am concerned..their leader Max has to go on Sunday so that they can understand what the game is about. And u can be sure wen MAx goes…lerato will follow and then lets see how Kwaku will stand or hypocrite Bertha can survive..
    Please lets join hands and vote Max out..i cant just stop voting til i see him go

  14. BB

  15. 2day has been da worst day coz theres nothing like update, BB wat is happening? Am tied even VOTING 4 MAXWELL why don u jus EVICT him dis evening den u announched his NAME on sunde?
    BB plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz throw him out he is getting worst i cant stand him anymore.

  16. Whatz up with this Max guy.He think the whole world revolve around his feet.Damn f***king u and don’t even think about it at all.Infact Biggie is waisting our nerves,just throw him out and let get real with the players of da game.

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