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My heart broke…

Get a load of this over at

Richard wedding Weds
5 months ago!

I watched and felt such pain… I could not believe I am part of the people that said “This is a social experiment. Let Richard stay and let’s see how far he will go with Tatiana.” Now, I feel such pain and sore I can’t believe it. It is just heart-wrenching for me to watch them and think of Ricki. It takes real courage and a whole other level of trust and maturity to do what she did. Let your man live his dream while you sit on the sidelines and painfully watch him declare his love to another woman…

Yes I am in love with you Rita Hug Rita Confession
Rita Love confessionthen celebration!

He even confirmed that he was serious in his confession to Tatiana that he loves her. Can you imagine the pain that Ricki is in, at this point? Watching your vows go up in smoke – and the entire world knows. Big Brother is global – Every country in the world is watching – it is not Bra Oupa and Sis Brenda around the corner and only their friends know. It is the whole globe.

Rita Massage
Rita Massage
I know most of us were and/or are still convinced it’s a strategy but at what expense is it? Is the $100 000 really worth the pain? When he wins and if he wins – Will she be able to go past what he did with Tatiana? Will she be able to kiss, hold, hug, trust and have the innocent adoration for her husband? Is this what through “thick and thin”, “in bad and good times” means? I keep thinking after you have been married 10 years – you have seen a lot – not 4 months! Maybe Ricki is a more mature person than I am… I don’t know!

Rita flowers
flower for my mistress!

Is she still watching? Is she being told by friends and family what they see? Did she really expect this? Sometimes when you talk to your partner and ask hypothetical questions – they are just that! In your heart you know there is no chance they will be. Well, you hope. But seeing it like that! Seeing him giving her full body massages, kissing her, cuddling her, giving her flowers to cheer her up and confessing his love to her… Is another level, not hypothetical.

Tender moment Rita Hugs Rita Kiss
Rita Kiss and Tender moments

When he got saved this week from eviction, they held on to each other like I would if I knew my husband was leaving me for a lengthy period of time – I hold on for dear life! They were relieved he was saved; not for the fact that he is close to a $100 000 with his wife but that he was not leaving her to go to his wife…

Happy Ricki
Ricki Happy

Ricki looks like a lovely chubby person, a perfect plus size model kinda person. Tatiana is a model and actress in her real life – she looks great, dances quite well, and has this innocent and pure face that makes you want to save her. A complete physical opposite of Ricki; What do you do as ricki? Get a gym membership and starve yourself. Tatiana is an excellent actress if this is just an act, but she really seems sincere in all she does with Richard.

Honeymoon picture

Even for a big dildo like that – would you stay and save your marriage? Is it worth the humiliation and pain? I can’t stop thinking of my childhood favourite movie, Indecent Proposal, with Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore. I see Ricki and Richard going thru the same ish when he leaves the house.

Indecent Proposal
Indecent Proposal

I am really sorry, Ricki. I hope you do find peace and am not feeling what I am feeling now. Struus Gaad! I hope you see this in another way altogether and enjoy the money with your husband if he wins!

I know I may seem like an in-the-closet-African-Moralist but Oh! I am not even concerned about the morals on this – Just how painful the experience is… Peeps, you know when you discover a boyfriend or girlfriend was or is cheating on you – the pain! And when you know other people knew – the pain is even greater… THIS affair the world knows…

Ricki, write a book – yours will sell better than Monica Lewinsky’s book!

9 Responses to “My heart broke…”

  1. Sheesh! The woman sounds like she’s married to Ricki herself.

  2. y r pipo advocating for this fake r/ship just to destroy what richie and ricki have, shame of you pipo.
    Tati pliz, u r also a woman, imagine yoself in ricki’s shoes, pliz gal; no one forced richie to marry her but he’s busy destroyin it on a show just for cash. pipo pliz, game or not its just not fair.

  3. Ricki knew what she was up for. People meet and fall in love all the, time. Its just a pity dat rich is married. I think rich & tatis feelings are real. Feel sorry for the wifey… But whose to say they haven’t discussed this first? Bet she didn’t think he would really fall 4 a housemate!

  4. Whatever richard is doing stopped being about the money.That wil only be a bonus if he wins.Who would have seen the day this fierce lion of the man in him crumble down at the hands of a petit angolan babe.Hmm! The power of love or lust should i say.Like i keep analysing the nominations,last week is wen richard shd av left,only the public had more issues with meryl than an adulterer.This week,thanx 2 max’s arrogance he is saving richard again.Am saddened too by richard’s actions.Pity ricki.No woman wud b ok with ha man confessing undying love 2 anotha woman.And in your face.If thats part of rich’s strategy,am almost certain its booting him.

  5. rich might not win because of the morality of ‘some’ african people BUT pls vote maxwell out. I hate arrogance more….

  6. Richard and Tatiana are the roses of the house and please leave the game and put it in reality. Ricki be patient and don’t mind as you agree your man to go into that devil house

  7. 6 months down the road after its all over, rich and ricki will get back together. Rich is obsessed cos his wife is out of site. Plunging him back to reality will enable him realise that he truly luvs his wifr and i bet richi will forgive her.

  8. there is nothing wrong in this relantionship let them play the game and im sure ricki anda rich talked about that so pls leave tati and rich play the game

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