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Lerathoe is Hefer of House again!

This whole Head of House thing should just be dropped! It’s novelty has worn off (as well as the Penthouse treat) and it’s just a boring vicious cycle every week. Lerathoe won for the second time in a row during the archery task, beating Ofunneka and Kwaku to the top.

Luckily Biggie had a twist in store for the new Hefer of House. He presented her with a choice between a ticket to the 2010 world Cup in South Africa and handing over the HoH title to another housemate or keeping it. After taking forever to make a decision, Lerato decided to take the ticket and hand over ‘immunity’ to…. wait for it… ooh, it’s gonna be a massive shocker I tell ya…. MAXWELL!

As much much as I hate the cow, I think she made a wise choice – for me. But for herself, STUPID STUPID decision. Could she be anymore thick?! By giving up her immunity, Lerathoe now is definely on the chopping block for nomination next week and she’s gonna be so EVICTED come 23rd September – MARK MY WORDS! Oh, how beautiful! She’s also just wasted her immunity on Max seeing that he’s gonna be getting the boot this Sunday. Question now is:
Who will get the immunity once he’s gone?!

The ‘untouchables’ should start preparing for their rapid downfall. Maxwell this week, Lerato the next, then Bertha and Kwaku go in a shock double eviction (I wish!)…. šŸ™‚

Vote Maxwell out now…


3 Responses to “Lerathoe is Hefer of House again!”

  1. No Eviction this Sunday , So Maxwell will be safe for another week.

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