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No eviction this Sunday!?

Blog poster Damian has provided us with this VERY interesting info – If it’s true (which I’m a bit skeptical about) – you heard it here first!

The housemate arrived at the Multi Choice Africa studios in JNB today it is a male , he is not from AFrica , they dont have Big Brother in his country. What will happen the voting lines will be open for another week next sunday we will see a eviction , confirmed.

Pity we won’t see Maxwell getting the boot this week. But what will happen next week seeing that he is HoH?! Could be interesting.

What do you think about it? Fact or Fiction?!


11 Responses to “No eviction this Sunday!?”

  1. Pliz african let us leave Richania as per now, I can c Richard is not a threat in da hse atall and has got a chance 2 be EVICTED any time, let us join our hands 2getha and throw out silyyyyy MAXWELL.

  2. Big brother shdnt pull off this 1 in favour of Max,it wil only confirm wat the public is saying abt BB- A SEGREGATOR.But this wil only aggravate the situation if Max remains.Its as clear as broad day lite that he’s exiting this weekend.

  3. Then again,if there isnt an eviction,everythg remains as is…He’s stil up 4 eviction.All we have 2do,is pump him with a hell of alot of eviction votes.Double da take.

  4. This game is rigged! Its obvious they want to keep Lerato and Max in the house – and will go to any length to make this happen!

  5. Robza, is it a coincidence that BB chooses archery as a task – while we know that Lerato took archery lessons? I tell you that game is beginning to stink! And what HHP disclosed to Lerato and Max when he paid them a surprise visit at the penthouse? Stinks!! Stinks!! Stinks!!

  6. why would this new housemate not be from a country in africa ? this is big brother africa after all and whose this damien guy?

  7. there is no such thing. Otherwise we would have been informed so that we do not waste our airtime on something that we not happen. Otherwise I want my money BACK!!!

  8. @sarahsoulfood,

    It is rather coincidental. To be honest, I still dunno what HHp told Max and Lerato in the Penthouse. Could you please fill me in?


    Like I said, I doubt what this Damian guy says. I have no idea who he is, or what he does. I have a strong feeling that he made it all up according to what replies had been left after his first posting on this blog. We’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow – where the truth will be revealed!

  9. BB why are u people running this show, u would have just call one of the housemate and give the money to him or her than causing confusion here and there. u made pple to spend money. well, i believe if no eviction on sunday most pple will loose interest on this show. and is very unfair, infact u have spoit my day.

  10. @Robza, to be honest I never did watch the show where HHP told Lerato and Max about the outside hype. But there has been a lot of complaints, such I believe it must be true.

    A new housemate – that does happen – atleast with other BB shows in other parts of the workld, such a stunt has been pulled.

  11. Let the famous person win depsite his or her characteristic in the house.FDj Mooore

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