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Big Brother Africa rigged!

Have you tried to evict Maxwell from the house via the official website? Has it told you that “Your vote was not counted. Your vote has already been counted for this period.”? Well, that’s what seems to be happening to a lot of people including myself. It could easily be a error on the webmaster’s part or something, but people have mentioned that when voting for Richard or Tatiana (which I strongly suggest you refrain from doing! LoL.), the vote is counted without any difficulties. Something is definitely fishy!

Maxwell’s association with Lerato has sparked much controversy as it seems that Big Brother is clearly favouring them. First off, the HHP treat in the Penthouse and how he provided them with info from the outside world to give them more ammunition against the others. Secondly, how Big Brother mentioned earlier in the week that certain housemates (we all know who – ‘the Untouchables’) were ‘bordering on conspiracy’ when it was clear that they had in fact conspired, but were NEVER punished! It was unfair the way Richard and Tatiana were so openly punished for whispering and pinpointed as the only guilty ones. That gave Lerathoe’s clan more ammo to pounce on them and nominate them for eviction.

Now it’s the whole vote line thing. I wonder if the phone lines are even working? Remember, when voting, type MAXWELL and not MAX cos your vote won’t be counted! There’s still approx. 9 hours left to vote, so make the best of it and let’s watch the ‘Untouchables’ world crumble.


Just saw this over at the BBA forum:

This is FU********ING RIDICULOUS – this morning I voted about 10 times using the land line to 083 900 0000 – the option for Max then was No. 1. Now I just phoned again and Tatiana is option 1 and Max option 3 – what the fuck goes on? Surely the options should remain CONSISTENT through the voting period. This BBA2 sucks big time – we need to find a forum where we can express our displeasure – or get letters written to the offices – does anyone know what address to use?

I’m almost certain now that this thing is rigged. I swear, if Maxwell isn’t evicted tonight, I’m sending my minions over to the M-Net studios.



17 Responses to “Big Brother Africa rigged!”

  1. Maxwell is out!! Huuu huuuu!!! I swear listening to this guy talk my mouth dropped! He is so daft!! He is just all booty and cute face, but he has a brain the size of a pea brain! And the boy is so full of contradictions! While he was so busy preaching about poor sweet Richard’s so-called infedility, he has been cheating on his baby girl back home all along!!

    Suddenly he was speaking do highly of Justice – I couldn’t believe my ears!!

    And ooh my God the whole of Africa voted the poor imbecile out! If I were him I would go bury myself!! Stupid, stupid, stupid boy! Good freaking riddance!!!

  2. There was probably already an overload of votes for Maxwell that the system got overworked….i agree with the conspiracy to support leratHOE though

  3. I hope BBA is not trying to protect the untouchable, the whole world is watchin, (chelsea 9ja)c

  4. Wooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeee
    U pipo for me am still VOTING cant believe eyes, i think dis guy might snick back in da BBhse coz he is still in SA. Am not yet tied VOTING HIM OUT. Now am voting him out of SOUTH AFRICA until i hear he is in ZAMBIA.

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  5. Well done guys – couldn’t believe his going-away chat with KB could be more boring – what exactly was he saying?

    How could someone fall from number 1 contender to no. 1 get-out! record breaker?

    I was ready to support him all the way before he closed his brains and started washing away his mouth.

    Anyways, 1 out, 3 more to go – infact, right now, I can leave Kwakwe till later but Lerato and Bertha gotta go!!!!

    I hope the housemates have the good sense to put them up or at least Lerato up for eviction tonight!!!

  6. From M NET’s e-newsletter …

    Big Brother’s Surprise Twist
    It’s Nomination Monday…But Big Brother has a surprise for you, the viewers, this week. Watch this Monday’s nomination show at 20:00 CAT and then logon and tell us what you think…

  7. @sarahsoulfood,

    Thanks for the heads up. It doesn’t sound good though. Could you please tell me where to access this newsletter?

  8. So wonderful that Max is out. Next shud be Bertha, she’s such apain to everyone we surely don’t need her presence in the house.

  9. Bertha we don’t need your hypocrisy in the house give us a break.

  10. Can someone explain this to me! I thought Max was already evicted what has happened now. Big brother is this eviction process free and fair?

  11. Pliz Just be fair this time, Let Maxwell go we need some breathing space for God’s sake.

  12. HHmmmmmmmmmmmmm Big brother if this whole issue is about favouring some people then why waste people’s time exposing their nudity to the world? It will surely be so unfair if that Maxwell thing is not evicted.

  13. can some one explain this to me! am lost, are you trying to say that Max is getting back into the house!!!!!!

  14. I swear,
    The un touchable was touched and next is his big boom lerato

  15. It’s Sahara, robza, not Sarah. The newsletter – you subsribe through the MNET site.

  16. @SAHARAsoulfood,

    Oops, my bad.


    ELIZABETH – October 16th, 2007

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