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Eviction 4: Walk on by, Maxwell…

Thank you Africa – all 12 of you beautiful countries including the rest of Africa! I knew you could make up for the boo boo you made when evicting Meryl last week. Seeing Maxwell walk had to be my greatest Big Bother Africa moment to date. All I can say now is LET THE GAMES BEGIN! This week is gonna be interesting!

Listening to Maxwell’s interview, I realised that there wasn’t much going on in that head of his. Seems Lerathoe a.k.a The Hoarse Whisperer a.k.a Heifer of House brainwashed the poor dude. He kept stumbling over his words (said Relato instead of Lerato. Ha Ha!), spoke trash about how Justice was an intelligent guy, how he disapproved of Meryl’s nudity, and proved to Africa what we already know – that he’s a hypocrite. What I’m going on about is the fact that he always speaks of how ‘immoral’ it is for Richard to be ‘involved’ with Tatiana when he has wife at home, but he is frolicking with Lerato while he too has a partner outside the house! Glad this guy is gone – I hope it’s eating that heifer inside.

While drowning in her own tears and snot, I heard Lerathoe officially declare war on… the voting public? Dumb b&@3! She mentioned something about it being “personal” now. Err… of course it’s personal, but I don’t see how you’re gonna make us pay for it. Unless you were speaking about the “Big 5”? Oh yeah, she even spoke of how on Friday, the “Big 5” would be ‘praying to their devil’ – Jeez, this girl is bitter. You’d swear with the things coming out of her mouth, that she was the devil himself/herself…

Tatiana and Ofunneka admitted that they will miss Max, as he was initially a good guy when he entered the house, but saw another side to him of late due to him being influenced. No guessing by who.

The tears continued to pour from Lerato’s eyes, as Bertha mumbled “The game is on!”. Poor snake, I’m sure she’s regretting switching camps so soon. Her boo, Kwaku, lay next to her mute.

Now that the ‘untouchables’ have been ‘touched’, I can’t wait to see what happens in tommorow’s Nominations.


35 Responses to “Eviction 4: Walk on by, Maxwell…”

  1. He he he. Untouchables my ass! If anyone is “untouchable” it’s Richard and Maureen. The two of them have now both gone up for eviction twice and survived twice.

    My prediction for the next nominations are: Lerato & Richard with Kwaku possibly joining them if Richard and Tatiana decide to vote for Kwaku.

    Who becomes head of house now that Max is gone?

  2. Apparently Lerato will remain HOH – however she can not unnominate herself. I read that somewhere on the BBA2 website. Anyway, tomorrow we will hear Lerato, Richard and Tatiana. If not Lerato. Kwaku and Bertha. Afterall it’s 5 againist 3. Huuu huuu!!

    So Maxwell is finally out!! Huuu huuuu!!! I swear listening to this guy talk my mouth dropped! He is so daft!! He is just all booty and cute face, but he has a brain the size of a pea brain! And the boy is so full of contradictions! While he was so busy preaching about poor sweet Richards socalled infedility, he has been cheating on his baby girl back home all along!!

    Suddenly he was speaking so highly of Justice I couldnt believe my ears!! Did you guys hear that? Shameless imbecile!!

    And ooh my God the whole of Africa voted the poor imbecile out! If I were him I would go bury myself!! Stupid, stupid, stupid boy! Good freaking riddance!!!

    Next Lerato, Kwaku then Bertha!! I’m thinking we should leave Lerato in the house for a while so that she sees just how VERY touchable and reachable they are! Lol.

  3. Lerato! Lerato! Lerato! Much as I would love to see her suffer a bit, but I think she should leave like yesterday!

    A few things she said after her man walked on by … she’s next (meaning Tatiana – with a gleam that could kill in her eyes, thanks goodness Tatiana is as light as a feather so she floated on by …)Then she said … we must pray to our devil (I’m guessing by her saying “they must pray to their devil” – she meant the devil being the public , as it was the public that made her boyfriend walk on by – I love that term, Robza, lol. Anyway, we now see that Lerato is being defiant and has absolutely no respect for anyone – eviction is a part of the game – so why does she think her and her Mafia gang are immune?

    Poor fool fails to realise that her enemy is not the Big 5 but the 25million that watch them pouring evil out of their mouths.

  4. plss who is going to be the next head of house i hope biggiee is not gonna try anything funny it hould go to the person who came 2nd in all fairness. imagine the pure stupidity of lorato instead of making her allies hoh she gave it to max because that fat hhp told them not to worry well you are just being buried into the grave you dug.

  5. max caused his own downfall by not saving meryl just cos he hated her but i’m so suprised that it was nearly for the untouchables they shall all be picked off one by one, lerato then bertha then fakewu. my only prob is that we are goin to be left with a boring house…but if thats what africa wants they;ll get it. richard is bein left alone cos though he is being immoral his wife is white!!!

  6. Thank God it’s over. The unholy untouchables have been touched….


  7. Wooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeee
    U pipo for me am still VOTING cant believe eyes, i think dis guy might snick back in da BBhse coz he is still in SA. Am not yet tied VOTING HIM OUT. Now am voting him out of SOUTH AFRICA until i hear he is in ZAMBIA.

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  8. trash trash trash trash
    all yo comments r all rubish. Wat do u do 4 a living huuuh
    If u r able to analyse and follow logistics; u will know dat max was a strong contender dats y they voted him out. They all know dat he would have outsmart of the contesting countries like the last BBA; dats y the public had to vote him out. I knew he would come out coz the public wouldnt want another zambian to win.
    U, robza where r u from? it seems u have a grudge on max, mayb zambians coz yo blog is so unprofessional whn it comes to max, blog not to tell something what to think but for disscusion. Am very much disappointed by the lack of words, you should be below 20yrs. He’s very right to say dat justice was a true man (good he did not kiss those bitches) and the weaker contenders r the ones who will win like tati, the gal dats not even know how to use the language; BBA should look4 pipo fluent in the english but yet after a married man, quite pathetic

    It only shows how immoral the public is, living a married man to do all dat, i voted Richie out thou he is from my country but i hate adul……

  9. @natalie,

    Thank you for gracing us with your presence and taking time from your busy schedule to read my ‘rubish’ comments. It is much appreciated. I can tell you are upset that your favourtie is gone, so I’m going to leave you to vent. Fact remains though – HE’S NEVER COMING BACK! Ha ha! 🙂

    Whether he was your Big Brother Africa II god that should’ve won or how underage you think I am, Maxwell is gone so DEAL with IT!

    Tell me how someone is weak just because English is not their first language?! Tell me, was Maxwell fluent in English!? PLEASE!

    Tatiana had more brains in her pinkie than that imbecile Max had.

    Drop by soon 🙂

  10. Robza171, love you to bits.. hahaha, im sooooooooooooooooo over the moon that max is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gone!!! lol..

    Poor lorahippo!!!

    hehehe, as for natalie, lol.. hahaha..
    Thank you Africa, love you all…

  11. Limited vocabulary robza; but i cant waste tym tryn to put sense in you.
    How can u interact with one whn you dont have a common media?? u r really ……….. huuuh

    U right dat my favorite is gone but you r mo sick to think dat skinny has mo brains, mayb brains in snatchn married meeeen!!!

    To sum up; just grow up in your boggin, dot conclude but hold yo thouts and open a free platform 4 discussion; i guess if u r mo than 20yrs; u have bin in a board meetn and know how to discuss.

  12. Hailey, 4 respect i reserve my comment but no 4 a fact; dat u r 2 d**** 2 even no y voted out max. LOGIC F@@@!!!

  13. @natalie,

    I don’t want you wasting your precious time imparting your idea of what ‘sense’ is to me. I prefer to be ‘senseless’. I’m finding it hard to decrypt your use of the English language in your comment above, however I have the feeling that you’re a debater.

    This blog is intended to express my feelings about Big Brother Africa II and as a result entertain. It’s not a FORUM. People are free to air their views on various topics wherever they like however. Go to the official BBA website if you wanna have a discussion. Or may I suggest you pop over to the UNCUT page, which may relieve you of a certain ‘tension’ and ‘deprivation’ you may be experiencing?!

  14. safi sana, nimefurahi max kuondoka alikuwa anachonga sana, hana adabu na ana roho mbaya kama nini

  15. @natalie
    If you think im going to insult you, you are dead wrong! We all know who is bitter here.. so im not gonna waste my time with you.
    Max is gone, get that! HE IS SOOO gone!!! So get over it.

    Please, kindly do us a favour and leave this blog.. Its clear you dont belong here, try the BBA official website. Thanks.

  16. @ natalie,

    Girl, where you from? Are we watching the same BBA, do you have any idea why Max was evicted? As for english being Tati’s 2nd language, I think its a 2nd for most of the H/Ms esp. your DEARLY DEPARTED Max.

  17. Well done africa. what can we say Lerato need the same treatment

  18. He He He
    Hailey; do u know wat a blog is???………….mmmmm r u thinkn
    Y should i accept trash or rubish things dat u comment, i may agree like the atha fellaz but i may diagree just as now. I agree with u coz i cant blog with u whn u have no idea about bloggn.

    And as 4 u Patsy; ‘its not good to throw punches if yo jaw is made of glass’ RESERVED

  19. @ natalie

    Wow! That was simple! The word ‘blog’ was all that was needed to make you smile??! Mh! Lol
    Max is gone sweetie, and he aint coming back!!! So, move on!
    Im glad i made you smile.. I have a feeling that wasnt enough though…..

    blog, blog, bloggn lol!

  20. Even if it was 4 voting max out coz he was a threat,isnt that how da game is? U lay strategy 2get further in da game n win it n not 2 lose.But in this case max had a gud game going 4 him til that arrogance kicked in.Thats wat got him booted,not coz he’s a threat.Lets think rationally.Am sure there are zambians who voted him out 2.Patriotism smtimes has limits

  21. i sure will miss
    max’s salutes!


  23. n@ natalie
    Watever u ar saying is RUBISH, i mean RUBISH.
    Is it da matter of WANTING SOMEBODY TO WIN or HOW ONE BEHAVES in BB hse.
    Stop dose noncense u better start thinking like an African man. It was da Zabian guy who was thrown in da trash .
    SILLY MIND, ROTTEN MIND where do u belong with such A BRAIN? or Soriiiiiiiiii from Zambia NOWONDER.

  24. @Natalie, it’s clear you don’t know what a blog is, for one you don’t even know how to address your replies to a fellow blogger.

    Anyway, I’ll tell you what a blog is, baby girl …
    – One, a blog is short for weblog, where as a weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.
    – Two, a blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog.
    – Three, a blog is journal kept on the internet. This journal is often updated daily and contains all information that the person maintaining the BLOG (Blogger) wishes to share with the world. Also applies to websites dedicated to a particular topic and being updated with the latest news, views and trends.

    I have given you three definations, Natalie, hopefully one of them will make sense to you. To sum it up a blog is not a forum – as you think. A blog is an online diary – as our Robza is so rightly using it – to view his thoughts (it’s his diary so the thoughts have to be HIS not yours!) on Big Brother Africa II.

    By the way, which boardroom is this that allows such use of the English language? My goodness you can’t even spell right, let alone speak right – yet you dare say Robza is what?! Lol. Babygirl, clearly you don’t belong here. Go somewhere else where they will give a schitt about your nonsensical noises.

  25. Back to the more important things, ahem … have you guys checked out the diary session entry after the nominations? Go to – weigh what the Big 5 said verses the Untouchables – from there you will be able to see and judge for yourselves either group’s their levels of intelligence, maturity and confidence. I don’t need to say more.

  26. Am happyyyyyyyyyyyy that guy has left the house except am worried that its only men who are going do you think we are soon seing a sculf in the house when those women start fighting for the remaining few. Atleast vote Loreto out never mind that he comes from the host country.

  27. I am Zambian. I am quite disgraced at Max’s conduct since his nomination. It exposed his street experiences which he often referred to. He thought others deserved to be nominated while did not because he participated effectively in tasks. Thank God, he was nominated. We would not have seen the attributes he displayed.

    I am happy that the voters expressed themselves and reminded us that:

  28. Thanks African for showing Max and everyone like him that he is not more clever than everyone else. I am a Zambian and I think Max’s conduct since nomination deserved to be punished. From start, i liked Kwaku and thought he was intelligent. How wrong I was. He looks down on the Big 5 and says they can’t say anything intelligent. He is even worse than Max because Max somewhat dull. Kwaku is intelligent but thinks everyone is thick. We can’t allow that. Lerato too should go soon.

  29. Actually i neva wana respond but since i have to teach some1 how letas work with sounds. Do i hav 2 finish 4 u, just one leta can sum up. like that as dat, you as u; where did u learn yo english ‘on radio’. GO BACK & ASK YO TEACHER OF ENGLISH ON LETAS (LETTERS) & (AND) SOUNDS lol

    u dot hav 2 go 2 google 4 definations u dot even undastand. y shuld u applaude whn i dot agree; yo comments where o TRASH TRASH & RUBISH dats y u even reponded. y shuld i address whn u no exactly wat yo comments r, so its 4 u lol, u dot no how sounds work, do some shorthand mayb u will no dat D is a heavier sound than T.
    & u cat b from TZ coz we no how to use z language; dot embrass us, do i have finish words 4 u 2 undastand. I WONDER IF U WILL UNDERSTAND

  30. Natalie, please let it rest! This is not a school where English is Taught! stick to the main issue BBA, Max is gone , you are bitter but life goes on! you are going to spoilt the blog for some of us!!!!!!!!!! Grow up!

  31. Do I have something hot for you, Robza!!! …

    By Katwishi Bwalya and Joseph Mwenda
    Tuesday September 18, 2007 [22:00]
    (The article below was published in the Zambian, The Post)
    ZAMBIA’S Big Brother Africa 2 housemate Maxwell Chongo has been dumped by his fiancée, Suli Sinkala, for what she terms his foolish behaviour while in the House.

    And Maxwell, who arrived in Lusaka yesterday, said he would miss South Africas Lerato and Ghanas Kwaku in the Big Brother House.

    Suli confirmed in an interview with The Post that she had dumped Maxwell.

    Suli was earlier invited by Big Brother to attend Max’s eviction ceremony last Sunday but shunned the event and was conspicuously absent from at the airport yesterday.

    ‘I don’t want anything to do with Max because his relationship with Lerato has spoiled everything that was between us,’ Suli said.

    ‘I can confirm to you that I am Max’s exgirlfriend or fiancée and that whatever was between us is over and when I come to Lusaka I will find time to tell his mother who also I’m sure is disappointed with his behaviour.’

    She said Max knew whatever he was doing while in the Big Brother house and wondered what explanation he could give her to justify his actions.

    ‘He slept with Lerato (South African housemate) in his sober state and how do take that as a lady? Fine, when he first kissed her I did not get offended because I knew it was a game hopping things would not go the way things went but it will be foolish of him to justify why he embarrassed himself by sleeping with Lerato,’ she said.

    Suli disclosed that she was against Max’s idea of going into the Big Brother House because she was aware of the repercussions.

    ‘When he told me that he was chosen to represent Zambia in the Big Brother House I was against that Idea. But because he loved the game, I had no option but to support him. But this is what I get in return,’ Suli said.

    ‘Let me tell you this, if Max loved me he was not going to sleep with that girl. He never mentioned my name in the house, he completely forgot about me and then what will people think of me? Fine, it was a game but there are other people’s feelings involved.

    ‘There is no turning point for me because I have gone through a lot while he was sleeping around in that house. It’s time for me to move on. As you know I am doing a degree programme so I want to concentrate on my studies. The four years we have been together is enough.

    ‘I will not be there at the airport not even at his party because I have told you that I don’t want anything to do with Max because it is over between the two of us,’ Suli said.

    And speaking to an Mnet television crew shortly after arriving aboard a South African airline, Maxwell said he was glad to be back home.

    ‘It feels great to be home and see my people, I can’t remember the last time I saw a car. I can’t remember the last time I saw 50 people and I lost track of date and time,’ said Maxwell.

    However, no fans were at the airport to welcome Maxwell.

    Only his sisters and brother were on hand to welcome him at the airport.
    Max, who looked excited, when asked what he would miss most from the BBA house, Maxwell said, ‘I Miss Baby! I miss Lerato and I miss Kwaku,’ he said.

    Maxwell expressed hope that Lerato would be the last to leave the house.
    ‘It’s tricky now, because after I left the house, the house mates were in two camps so if Lerato doesn’t make it, I see Maureen winning,’ Maxwell said.

    He also said he wanted to join an NGO that supported the fight against HIV/AIDS.
    ‘I want to join an NGO and spend time in fighting AIDS, sexual abuse at places of work and child labour,’ he said.

    Maxwell was evicted last Sunday after 12 countries voted against him.

    Eight housemates from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and South Africa remain in the house. the show ends on November 11.

    Maxwell is the fourth housemate to be evicted after Botswana’s Justice, Kenya’s Jeff and Namibia’s Meryl.

  32. Thanks all african, we took a very good disision of takining max out next victin should be lerato or bertha.
    They like poisoning others

  33. lereto is a fake south africa she should leave the house or i ll stop watching bba

  34. fuke is a really 9ja babe, go girl we re on ur side

  35. Nice to c smooshing!!!!!!!!! woooooooo iam sure when lerato is out Max will be first person to be contacted!!!!! ManMolly

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