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Maureen is new HoH… finally!

Following an apple bobbing task to determine who the new HoH will be, Maureen emerged victorious, clenching the title for the first time. Seems this time around Big Brother wanted to give the housemates something a little physically demanding – well for Bertha and Lerato anyway. The challenge required housmates to have their hands tied behind their backs and they had to remove one apple at a time using their mouth only out of a bowl of many apples, run around the table, drop the apple into an empty bowl then run back to pick up an apple with their mouth or something like that. A perfect task for Maureen as it required slim, agile bodies.

Upon Maureen’s victory, Bertha had having a panic attack, coughing and spluttering all over the place. Ha ha! Her worst nightmare has come true. Maureen is craving her blood! Those two [Lerato and Bertha] are so unfit, they need to make use of the exercise equipment Biggie gave them.

When Maureen won HoH, the ‘Untouchables’ looked so pissed off. So much for their theory that they will ‘always’ win it and that no one but them would enjoy the penthouse. All that bull flew out the window anyway when Tati won HoH and had a whale of time in the Penthouse with the ever-so-horny Richard who just wanted to jump her bones and guzzle.

It’s truly going to be an interesting week after Offuneka and Kwaku are fake evicted. There’s definitely going to be some twists thrown into the pot for good measure, regarding the Penthouse treat for Maureen (can’t happen because it will already be occupied!) as well as the nomination process with the whole house believing that Ofunneka and Kwaku have left the house for good (may happen that they leave penthouse to nominate in diary room secretly, BUT they won’t be nominated for that week – so basically they have immunity).

Let’s see what Biggie has in store for us.


12 Responses to “Maureen is new HoH… finally!”

  1. Pls I will do anything to see Tatiana’s penthouse oops! Pls let have the pics especially the flashes and d complete nudity.


  2. @Neo,

    The pics and vids should [hopefully] be up by Sunday, or the latest, Monday.

  3. Maureen should be voted out long time, before Maxwell because i can not stand this lady’s action and she cant speak!!!

  4. Maureen and Richard out.

  5. Please dont vote for Lerato she brings happines in the house since Maxwell the leader has been evicted.


    which happiness does lerato bring…pls give me a break….

    Again, i repeat – the untouchables have been TOUCHED!!!!

  7. Finally Maureen got nominated.It waz about tym.Now she can take Bertha outta d house.Bertha is a total snake.She spits pure venom.

  8. Maurine gal,u dont need anyone to tell u to be u coz ur already u and thats what it takes to be A winner.So GO GO GOGO GAL…………..

  9. Go mau-gal.Bertha is yo target prey now.Go get her.Hehehe!

  10. I want bertha to leave the house and save my man Richard as he make the house live and my sweet pie Lerato and Tati.

  11. @Bongs t
    thanx 4 yo nonces coments bcos if u can talk abt histry, i wonder wat yo mind or brain is all about. Plzzzzzzzzz leave Maureen alone and if u cant stand ha change yo channel. For us we do hear wat Mau says and she is very ACTIVE IN the hse, coz she become HOH if she is wat u ar saying. Whether u like it or not she is there free 4 one week and as HOH. period.
    So watch ha or do without.
    Mau go gal, u rock.

  12. Bertha must leave this time I hope next sunday it is her turn. I am sure she will be nominated. I can’t wait to see dat.She is a snake .Sy is n’ slang. Those girls in bba 2 come 2 look 4 attentiion fro somepeople’s men. Have no shame.Maureen was crying she raped but now she forced herself on CODE. How should we believe her? I gonna who she will take to the Pentihouse. If she take Offuneka CODE WILL HAVE A FRESH AIR THAT NIGHT. HAHAHAAHA! Bertha out.

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