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(Fake) Eviction 5 & 6: Double blow for the ‘Untouchables’ and the ‘Big 5’

Muhahaha *in evil voice*. Must say I enjoyed the ‘Fake Eviction’ show thoroughly! Tatiana’s HoH ‘speech’ on why she replaced herself with Lerato was memorable (somewhat long), but honest.

Many people had been wondering who Big Brother would choose to send to the Penthouse for four days which would come with immunity for the week as a bonus. Due to Biggie’s history of ‘favouring’ Lerato, it was almost certain that this time around, Lerato would be one of the candidates immune from the coming week’s nominations. Seems like many were wrong as Kwaku and Offuneka (who both received NO votes) were the chosen ones.

KWAKU : The 5th (fake) Evictee

The evening played out spectacularly with Kwaku being evicted first much to the shock of Bertha who couldn’t hold back the waterfall that gushed from her eyes. At that point, the ‘Untouchables’ must have FINALLY realised that they weren’t as popular as they thought and that acceptance of defeat was their last resort… And then KB announced that there was ANOTHER house mate leaving the house as the 6th evictee from Big Brother Africa – an announcement met with confusion, disbelief and sheer shockedness (he he…) from the remaining 7.

OFUNNEKA : The 6th (fake) Evictee

You could see how shit scared Lerato was as she closed her eyes, bowed down her head, and held onto Bertha for dear life as the name was about to be read. She must have felt so vulnerable and SO ready to leave. The other camp, the Big 5, seemed more calm, but was also uneasy and unaware of what to expect. Once Offuneka’s name was read, she dashed for the exit, forgetting to bid her friends of 49 days a farewell. However, she turned back before exiting the lounge door and hugged all including the ‘2 faced sisters’ Lerato and Bertha. Maureen burst out in tears, as Code offered her his shoulder to cry on.

A little later, after everything had kind of set in, Maureen and Bertha were seen in the kitchen holding each other,feeling each other’s pain for their lost ones – a boyfriend and a best friend. Two rivals consoling each other = CLASSIC!

Four Day Penthouse Retreat

It wasn’t only the housemates in the main house that were shocked by the double eviction, Kwaku couldn’t believe his ears when told by the Big Brother Ninja that he had been fake evicted. He was immediately whisked off, blindfolded, to the diary room. Ofunneka when briefed with the news, exclaimed “I can’t believe it”, “Is this for real?!” or something to that effect. Bottom line – she was completely taken aback.

In the diary room, Biggie filled the two evictees in on what had been happening for the past week and soon after they were taken to their holiday retreat for four days. The remaining 6 housemates, completely unaware of the whole thing, continued to bawl their eyes out and secretly started working on new strategies.

Nominations, tomorrow evening @ 8pm CAT.

Don’t miss it. I know I won’t!


5 Responses to “(Fake) Eviction 5 & 6: Double blow for the ‘Untouchables’ and the ‘Big 5’”

  1. These two deserve to be hidden in da Penthouse rather dan Lerapee/hippo. Nneka and Kwaku go and enjoy yoself. I Like Nneka and am wondering WHAT gift Biggie is going to Maureen since now the PH is occupied. Biggie plzzzz surprice Muareen as well she is a nice gal too like Nneka.

  2. Biggie, that was a nice one. i was totally going to stop watching BB had you taken Lerato to the pent house. Thanks.. Now lets see what happens to Bertha and Lerato. One of them is leaving this sunday.

  3. LeraPEE hahahahaha!!!! I’m used to calling her Lefathoe but now that she wets the bed i guess that’s a suitable name

  4. fake eviction was supposed to be from the untouchable side so that we can enjoy the mood next week on big five when they start nominating each others out, before the two fake evicted came back from Penthouse.I was going to interesting to see.

  5. the shannon burke showshannon burke…

    […](Fake) Eviction 5 & 6: Double blow for the ‘Untouchables’ and the ‘Big 5′ « BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog[…]…

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