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Nominations 6: Lerato vs. Bertha

What a sh-HO-down! THE best head-to-head we’ve had since Jeff vs. Justice.

Surely, BFF’s Lerato and Bertha saw it coming with their four measly votes against eight. They luckily managed to escape last week due to the twist, but the public knew that sooner rather than later these two conniving sisters a.k.a ugly stepsisters (Ofunneka is Cinderella), would have their heads on our chopping blocks.

To be honest, I don’t mind who leaves this Sunday – they both make my stomach turn anyways. However, I would prefer it if Lerato leaves so that Bertha could cry herself to sleep one last time. Oh, how I love eviction Sundays for this! Bertha wasted her tears last night for Kwaku, but this coming Sunday, they’re going to be worth something. It’s so exciting to watch how the mighty fall.

Maureen, as HoH, choosing to keep the original nominees was purely brilliant! Seeing that she initially nominated both these two anyways, it was no surprise at all…

Once the ‘Untouchables’ have all been evicted, it’s going to be interesting to see how the ‘Big 5’ vote each other out each week. That’s only going to happen in about 3 weeks time, but for now, let’s let Bertha, Lerato and Kwaku’s pain be our pleasure!

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
Bertha 5 Maureen Code
Code 2 Lerato Bertha
Kwaku Immune Richard Maureen
Lerato 5 Code Maureen
Maureen 3 Lerato Bertha
Ofunneka Immune Lerato Bertha
Richard 1 Bertha Lerato
Tatiana 0 Lerato Bertha


37 Responses to “Nominations 6: Lerato vs. Bertha”

  1. I got the impression that the fact that she wasn’t fake evicted had Lerato feeling she is too popular for eviction. She actually thinks the viewers saved her from eviction. If the untouchables had realised they weren’t untouchable they would be making an effort to reintergrate with the other housemates. Bertha seems to be trying a little, but Lerato isn’t.

    I say we evict Lerato now. She’s unrepentant. Bertha and Kwaku on the other hand may mend their ways if they realise that the ‘Untouchables’ are being evicted one by one.

  2. I repeat again:


  3. Who is untouchable??? Looks to me like Code and Maureen are the untouchables!

    Let the games begin!!!!

  4. Lerato Should go

  5. Lerato Should leave the house

  6. I think lerato shud go, it’s about time!!!!!! Bertha must stay we want to c her nd kwaku coz the way she cried tells us that she wipped nd tht means ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!So lets unite and remove lerato…..hey miss rimz!!!!!mwa am

  7. Hi Fellow African now they ar finaly here, let corporate and join our hands 2gether for LERATO cos if we don throw ha out Mr. Biggie will favour ha again.

    Bravo Maureen u did a wonderful job as HOH.

    Now its our time fellow Voters 2 VOTE Wisely. Think twice be4 u vote or ask 4 an advice so that yo’ votes ar not wasted, but still who ever u VOTE surely will deserve that vote whether L or B.
    I wish Biggie cud EVICT BOTH OF THEM AT ONCE, will be very gratefull.

    I wish da best to ALL VOTERS.


  8. Lerato should leave the house this sunday, and bertha should follow her the next sunday

  9. Lerato your time is up. Max is waiting for you.

  10. Lets see what will happen to Bertha when Kweku is back from the Pent House on thursday.

  11. LeraHIPPO should leave the house!!! Her time is up! Lol.. Cant wait for sunday!

  12. Lerato shoud leave the house your time is up.

  13. Lerato leave the house Max is waiting for you and Bertha will follow you next sunday you untcouchable

  14. I dont think that Big Brother done their home work on the twist on fake eviction last Sunday. Since Lerato and Bertha leads the votes for last week eviction, big brother should twist by using them as a fake eviction (fake eviction was announced before votes)
    I wanted to see the big five voting each other this week before those two house mate came back from Penthouse.It would be very interesting even the other two came back to watch big brother because big five will start not believe and trust each others.

  15. All housemates gossip,conspire,are hateful.bitter.threatened most of all by Bertha.Leave her in there and let the game begin. She cried for Kwaku. Give her Kwaku and see what happens.The tension gets worse but viewers enjoy . Good biggie

  16. Lerato out . Sorry babe the game has to go on.Its not only about he $$$$ but about integrity too. The 5 will be at each others throat when the time comes.

  17. Hey Southern African Viewers wake up. Read the Game Soccer West and North Africa dominates now u have failed again to read the game plan.U have evicted ur own now u are at each others throat. Zimbos and SA have been pitted against each other right at ur own door step.Poor u. U even are vocal in scolding and name calling them .shame on u.

  18. When will the voting lines be open? I want to start right away with voting out Lerahippo…….SHE MUST LEAVE!!!!!!!

  19. Lerato, I am your fellow South African who is heartbroken by a woman like you misrepresenting intelligent black women of thisbeautiful country. I believe you have a lot of potential and would love to see you using your pubblicity positively! easy on the booze my child and respect yourself….dont make yourself cheap to men my friend…. Be a Lady

  20. Richard you are such a good actor! keep it up!

  21. Bertha! how could you let your Jesus down? BBA was a good evangelising platform for you. why the sudden switch from being a good girl. I hope that you willlearn that it pays to be good!

    Jesus still loves you and I love you too my sister. drop the booze and Kwaku

  22. it’s over for Berther and all her pranks an antics!

  23. Richard can not tell me he is playing the game.he is gettin some skin and that is BAD

  24. NYARI:
    If you guys were bringing people who were representative of true southern african spirit – then you will have a point.

    I do not see why we have to support RUBBISH – in the name of supporting southern africa….

    To be quite frank, whether west africa dominates in soccer is an irrelevant point….

    You guys want to make it out to be a west african thing….. but if you are honest with yourself, you know very well that it isn’t.

    Stop using CRAP as representatives of ZIM and SA…

    I really do not know who i want out more

    whoever i really don’t care because i know come next week the other will be following…..


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i repeat again – the untouchables have been touched…..

  25. lerato should go pls ha! ah!

  26. the main reason i want lerato out is so that i can watch bertha writhe in pain….

    that woman (BERTHA) is very dangerous!!

    i pray i never have a friend like that EVER!!

    VERY SCARY!!!!

  27. This time Bertha must be out and next Lerato then Richard. Let a snake to go out of BBA2 house.She pretending as christian but she is not.Christian women never force themselves into a men.You can see that a man was with another woman infront of u ,just in threee days u all overhim.This Southern African women in big brother africa 2 what is wrong with u? And you men just let women pull u on ears and o with them. Be strong as an African men and women. BBA1 Tapuwa forced herself in to Stefan he refuse because he was himself and strong man.Mwisho had a girlfriend he said that in the house but no temptation touched him he was strong.Gaetano met Abby in BBA1 but he went to Abby hismself not Abby forced herself into him.UUH! BBA2 but anyway. Otherwise it nice BBA2. Vote Bertha out then Lerato and Richard.

  28. Uhmm this is so interesting.Let me take a big breath first. U guys can u imagine that Bertha and Lerato said Maureen stank. I want to believe that they were just dreaming but they were not.Ok who on dis planet doesn’t know that Fat gals stink,but LeraHIPPO didnt think about that fact.U stink LeraHippo,even the baby u’ll conceive when that time comes already knows that its mother stinks.This is no different for Bertha,she’s Fat too.

    Hahahahaha,Bertha and Lerato are leavin da house,i dont care who goes first but what i sure about is that one is following the other next sunday.

    Maureen is the bomb. Way to go gal.

    BIG UP Biggie!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. We have had enough of Bertha! I hope this time she is living am tied of her gossip

  30. I said Noncense, they shud jus all come out, we are tied of dem.
    Biggie why dont u GRANT OUR WISH OF SPITTING OUT these two out of yo HOUSE? Cos dey ar now behaving like devils attacking GOD’s creation.


  31. i wish Bertha could leave the house! wish africa could think like me! GUYS lets VOTE Bertha OUT!!!!!!!!

  32. I believe Lerato will stay!!!! Lerato iam really down for your style… i feel your love!!!!!!!! you and Max make a nice couple though He is out!!!MandMolly

  33. Please not Lerato,, She should stay!!!!! MandMolly

  34. i think bertha should go because she has nominated morreen since she came to the house so we should boot her out and lerato will survive in that house with the big five.

  35. well from my own personal piont of view,I think things haven’t been going well for bertha,first it was about the leg and now is about this love issue,but she mustn’t go this sunday lerato should go!,GIVE BERTHA A SECOND CHANCE!

  36. Biggie, let’s assist you save some money – we have decided to give you two for the price of one!

    Just send both of them home!!! and save the money meant for next week’s eviction show!!!

  37. I really wish Biggie will do a Double eviction but oh well

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