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The reality sets in

In the lounge this morning, Code spoke about his ‘shorty’ and Richard about his ‘wife’, sounding somewhat guilty about what they have been putting them through with their newfound loves. Code mentioned something about ‘it’ not being easy and that there better halves would just have to ‘understand’. It’s interesting to see how their lives outside are still on their minds while they have Tatiana and Maureen to keep them warm at night.

Here are a couple of private Code pics with his ‘shorty’ from Amsterdam:

[Click thumbnail for larger image]

code1.jpg code2.jpg code3.jpg code4.jpg


7 Responses to “The reality sets in”

  1. Beats my undastanding how it becomes so easy 4 these guys 2think their partners wil rubbish wateva has bn happening in d house all in d name of “its just a game”. As far as i can analyse,d only reason code hasnt shaftd mau is coz she hasnt givn it 2 him &as 4 y richie hasnt done it 2 tatiana yet is coz there’s no spot in d hse where “there aint camera’s”. Other all signs point us in2 d direction of a couple in lust

  2. It’s the behaviour of guys like Richard and Code that makes us African men look bad. What astounds me is not what they are doing but the way they expect their women to just accept it. Max had the same attitude. I hope their women ditch them just like Max’s woman ditched Max. To do otherwise would be to strengthen the notion in Africa that it’s okay for men to cheat.

  3. the women staked their relationships for a chance to win $100,000.00. this is against the backdrop of all the past BB games; BBSA 1,2,3 – BBN 1, BBA 1. they already know what happens in the BBH. this is the time to show support regardless of the events that took place in the BBH. The couples had it coming.

  4. Shorty is pregnant,……… Code Sangala is a father to be:)……

  5. Hey Robza did you watch the show last night? Richard is leaving the house!! You have to come back and blog about this one!!!

  6. i totally i gree, bb should find some secluded spot for these guys to conjugate and the replay the tapesfor us later…

    an oh, he shld warn us in addvance so that we can record for future use.


  7. Boo hoo hoo. Sob sob sob…. Sob. The consumption of tissues is about to go up in Dar.

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