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Eviction 7: Lerato – Bye Bye Baybee!

[I’m finally back and I apologize for just disappearing like that. My phone line was affected by the lightning we’ve been having and it only got fixed today. However, here’s some articles I’d written]

So it was between Bertha and Lerato to get the boot tonight and THANK GOODNESS it was Ms. Lerato Sengadi! This girl had overstayed her welcome in that house and it seemed like she was never going to leave if Biggie had anything to do with it. Too many twists at convenient times, ignoring the fact that Ms. South Africa [Lerato] was conspiring, and bringing guests into the penthouse only when Lerato was there only displayed who Big Brother favoured. Well, all I have left to say is good riddance!

When leaving the house, Lerato told the Big 5 to not ‘pussy-foot’ around issues and speak up and be heard. What a bitch.

This evening’s eviction show was really enjoyable with Freshly Ground and ONLY Freshly Ground performing two of their hits. I must say that that Zolani girl can sing! Her voice is beautiful not only on their recordings but live as well. Lerato avoided the question whether she and Max did ‘the deed’ in the Penthouse by saying ‘we had a good time’. We all know what exactly did go down anyways! Lol.

The overconfidence or arrogance or whatever you wanna call it of this girl makes me sick. She claims that she made the show, people tuned in to watch her and now that she is gone, the house will be boring. All this bull was uttered during her interview with KB where she also compared Maureen’s personality to that of an egg-lifter yet again! Someone’s bitter and probably pissed off that Maureen is still in the house. Serves the obnoxious cow right! Hope she’s reading this.

Let’s see what happens in tomorrow’s nomination show. Have a feeling that the last remaining untouchables are up for possible eviction.


2 Responses to “Eviction 7: Lerato – Bye Bye Baybee!”

  1. Robza, I’m trying to forward you these link to Max’s and Lerato’s interviews but to avail.

  2. Hey sahara,

    Could you please send them to my email at:

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