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BBA News Crawl

Appeared in the Botswana paper, Sunday Standard.

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Title: AU should stop Big Brother’s Horror Hour

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2 Responses to “BBA News Crawl”

  1. It’s idiots like these that make me feel that maybe journalists should be required to get a license. People are being raped and killed in Darfur, but this man thinks the AU should quit focusing on settling that conflict and turn it’s attention to the “tragedy” of Big Brother Africa’s shower hour? What a poor sense of priorities.

    I don’t watch shower hour. Somehow watching Richard’s gazunga in the shower doesn’t do it for me. If I want to watch naked women I have a whole lot of porno movies on my computer. But just because I don’t watch shower hour doesn’t mean I’m going to complain ’cause someone else is watching it. As long as the housemates don’t mind their naked bodies showing, whoever wants to watch can watch. If you are offended by the nudity … well nobody is forcing you to watch.

  2. tatiana isssssssss so fantastic

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