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Nominations 7: Bertha vs. Kwaku

Oh yes, the ‘Untouchables’ get touched yet again! We all saw it coming, no one can honestly say that they didn’t believe that either of these two would be nominated. Despite Big Brother being a tad predictable these days, I must say that I’m enjoying how each of these cockroaches are being exterminated one by one.

Once either Kwaku or Bertha is gone (fingers crossed it’s Kwaku so Bertha can suffer in silence for the week! He he), that’s when the fun is really going to begin as the Big 5 will have to turn on each other to get to $100.000. Here’s how I see it: Tatiana and Richard vote for Maureen and Code, and vice versa. No one nominates Ofunneka and she goes on to win Big Brother Africa 2. Not the outcome I would want but that is what is probably going to happen.

This week, Richard chose to keep the nominations and not replace anyone as Maureen had done the previous week. Again, very predictable but oh so sweet! Let’s see how the nominations affect the dynamics in the house this week…

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
Bertha 5 Maureen Code
Code 2 Bertha Kwaku
Kwaku 5 Code Maureen
Maureen 2 Bertha Kwaku
Ofunneka 0 Bertha Kwaku
Richard 0 Bertha Kwaku
Tatiana 0 Bertha Kwaku


9 Responses to “Nominations 7: Bertha vs. Kwaku”

  1. Bertha should leave first then Kwaku

  2. Both of them shud gooooo and join da rest of Untouchable who ve already bin touched. Sometimes i prefer Bertha dan Kweku, he is so dulllllllllll and lazy.

  3. Big Brother Africa , so to long & is getting boring , Why is Africa voting out the people making the house fun, typical

  4. hmmmmm………………….

    lol!!! I don’t think so….i think they might all come together to vote Ofu out which will suck.

    Ofu or Tati for the money.

    Bertha this week, kwaku next week……


  5. welcome back!! missed ya!!

  6. I cant believe this is happening in African. This is not our way of life, we are coping the wester part of the world. BB, let do things that will promote African culture.

  7. Oooh Gawd!!! Max, Lerato and Merly being at Bertha’s eviction left my mouth dropping and practically sweeping the floor!! Those four reek of confidence! And those black t-shirts – what a touch. I never liked them for one or two reasons – but I must say they played the games and they are still playing!! We just have to give it to them!! Irrespective of their (rather dark) confidence, which I admire, the one sad thing – Lerato is still running her mouth – and I bet you Bertha won’t stop either.

    Have you guys noticed that The Untouchables are all Southern Africans? I doubt it if Kwaku will cut it in this group. I wonder who Kwaku will hook up with next – Ofunneka? With Meryl and Bertha waiting for him – he doesn’t have the balls to handle them both – so his best option will be Ofunneka.

    And Bertha’s answers – she really is a lawyer! But fuck, that woman is as cold as she is conniving! She can kill without even batting an eyelash!

  8. lol..yes…they are all southern africans….i think that is the reason they were so pissed off that code did not join in their childish shenanigans because he fell in love with an easterner and had to follow his heart.

    Good for code – sticking it to them!! 😀

    That said: Good riddance to them!! Lerato and Bertha can make as much noise as they want but the fact remains is that they are all outside and all the people that they felt that they were better than are in the inside.

    T unit = Touchable unit.

    Kwaku will not fit in that crappy space and his mother won’t even let him do it. As per his mother, those gals were overdoing it..Her words. She probably will ban Kwaku from ever associating with them .. EVER!!!

    Bertha – trust me we don’t want ppl with your characteristics in west africa.. so pls, stop trying to represent for us!! ” I love west africa” my behind. Kwaku mother is probably saying – if this gal ever comes to Ghana i will physically escort her to the airport to send her back HOME!!

    Thank you!!


    To kwesi: i will gladly stitch your heart anytime… ya!!!!

  9. B didnt deserve to win she is a hipocrite! I hate the fact tht KWEKU went out with her betrayinp MERYL. What kind of a man is he? He just want to grab anythng tht wears a skirt.

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