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Big Brothel : Season One


So we’re past the halfway mark in this season of Big Brother Africa, and I must say it has been one of the most interesting installments produced by M-Net/Endemol yet.

At the beginning, I believed that the housemates this year wouldn’t compare to those of BBA1, but as the weeks went on – I was proven wrong. What is interesting is that you can’t even compare the two seasons to each other because they’re on completely different levels of entertainment. Big Brother Africa 1 saw housemates fight over food, it showed us how certain individuals in Kenya and Namibia loved themselves so much that it made viewers sick (yes, Alex and Stefan) and it caused continental controversy, as there was only one white African in the house. Big Brother Africa 2 initially focused more on culture and a unified Africa, but now it’s been all about the guzzle, gazungas, and taking it easy. It has had extreme sexual overtones (adultery, nudity, polygamy) [not that I’m complaining! He he… :P]- a clear attempt to push up viewing figures.

It’s day 60 in the house and a lot of hook-ups have been made, so much so, that I’ve dubbed this show Big Brothel : Season One. If anyone has watched the Uncut shows on Friday nights or the Maude, Richiana and Lemax penthouse sessions, you will see what I mean. That is some graphic shiznit! There has been a total number of 5 hookups in the house – Kwaku being the pimp daddy scoring with both Meryl and Bertha. Now, with 7 housemates left, old couples Maude and Richiana stand strong(ish) against new(ish) couple Berku who have also seemed to have consummated their ‘union’ under the sheets one night.

Ofunneka remains the only unkissed, untouched and untainted housemate this season (not foregtting Justice and Jeff) and it makes one wonder how she manages to abstain from any canoodling and caressing for 2 months! Damn!

Who knows, maybe we’ll have a Big Brother Africa baby soon… or two.


2 Responses to “Big Brothel : Season One”

  1. The whole thing is interesting man.Ofunneka must have Chilled the kenyans way but sex is neccessary at times find Maureen charming. Can BIG BRO give me her contacts.

  2. robza171 pls dont give big brother ideas about a biggie baby! must say it sounds really interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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