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Code is HoH for the 1st time

Code became the new Head of House after almost guessing the correct time in the task. He was only 5 minutes off. A pretty random task on Biggie’s part, which I like, seeing that it doesn’t disadvantage those housemates who are less intelligent than others or those who are physically challenged.

With either Bertha or Kwaku gone this Sunday, there will be space for the remaining ‘untouchable’ and a ‘Big 5’ member during the nominations. It will be interesting to see who will be up and who Code will choose to save. This is when the game will really begin!

It’s going to be Code’s second trip to the mystery penthouse and it’s obvious that he will be taking Maureen again. After the nude romp they had the last time [will post pics and vids as soon as possible!], I will definitely be waiting to see what they get up to this time around. 😛


3 Responses to “Code is HoH for the 1st time”

  1. Biggie Bro pliz im not so much concerned wiz dat but why is it dat ofuneka is not being nominated may ne it is coz of the nigerian juju she came wiz kidding LAUGHS……PLIZ……MAUDE en RICHIANAS, go for her en nominate her so dat she is evicted otherwords she blind folded you i know dos nigerians wiz there jujus

  2. hey guyz without tatiana for real the house will be borring coz she needs attention

  3. Code has handsomely bn real n honest..he is an african man..idious though he may be the guy invites respect..code if ur dsire is 2win 2gem then may the God grant u all th zeal it takes

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