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Eviction 8: Bertha slithers out of BBA house

Another one bites the dust! What a night, what an outcome! I mean who thought that Bertha was as equally hated across Africa as Maxwell was – 12 out of 13 votes! Damn! I’m not surprised though, the girl changed like a chameleon overnight from Jesus Girl to Satan’s Ho in the house. A strategy not very well thought out considering that she is a lawyer by profession.

Clearly, the Untouchables became the unpopulars in the end with the way Africa’s being slaughtered each one of its members during evictions, and the previous ‘unpopulars’ (Big 5) have reached a new survival status, making them THE SHIT now. 3 down, one to go.

So, maybe this girl does have brains stored somewhere in that ‘receding hair-line head’ of hers, but she sure couldn’t find it during her eviction interview. You could see she was nervous, which is fair enough, but the way she answered the questions seemed as though she were answering questions in a beauty pageant, which worked on my tits! ‘Diplomatic’ – the word KB used – yeah right! I realised that this girl is as fake as they get. It’s as if she was trying to get reactions from the public with her ‘smart’ answers, which some may have found amusing and indeed ‘smart’, but I saw through the plastic Zimbabwean girl‘s act. The Bertha Show is over, it’s back to harsh reality and I have a feeling that the public is going to have a field day with her. Remember when no-one turned up at the airport to see Maxwell? He he… Ms. B, good luck!

Kwaku T now has a room to himself. The perfect place for him to stew in the mess he’s in and have no one’s shoulder to cry on. Brilliant! Every dog has its day… Karma is a bitch!

Nominations are tonight, and it is going to be interesting to see how many Big 5 members will be up with Kwaku, how they’ll vote and who Code will save.


5 Responses to “Eviction 8: Bertha slithers out of BBA house”

  1. This should be interesting. Kwaku thinks that if he goes up against any of the Big 5, the viewers will save him. They won’t. So it will be interesting to see his face when he comes out.

    I think that the only reason Lerato wasn’t voted out 12 to 1 is because she was up against someone who was just as hated. People couldn’t decide who they hated more, Bertha or Lerato, so the vote was relatively close. If Lerato had been nominated with say … Ofunneka, she would have been evicted 12 to 1.

  2. Bertha her bad manners also taught her a lesson.I am glad she left.She was so argument. Happy not to watch anymore in the house.She is a looser just like others.She was happy to see Merly leaving de casa now it her.She is no more in the hs.People whom themselves should win.As long as we vote Richard out.

  3. From

    October 14,2007 @ 09:20 PM PM
    ok….so K jus got evicted…bitter, sweet I guess, I dnt expect to be called on stage with his dad so that was kinda weird but I appreciated the gesture! Lerato and Max were there but Meryl was not. We hung out last night and had a blast,k M and I talked about everything and I told her that I really valued the friendship that I had/have with K over any sort of romantic attachment.We reached common ground and so I was surprised when she didn’t come today, I talked to her earlier and she said she was going to be there!

    Its crazy cos now I feel that everyone is waiting for something to happen…things are different in the house, on the real…very different, I know that we (M and I) both occupied a place in his heart and we will always have the memories. The ‘real’ world is another story that is why I would like to set the record straight. K and I are good friends and M and I are rebuilding!

    Initially, conversation was strained and everyone was trying to be very diplomatic. Smiles were superficial and we were all trying to gauge the atmosphere I guess. At some point I pulled M aside and I told her that we needed to talk, she said that she agreed. I told her that given the environment in the house anything can happen, she agreed. I then told her that K had the utmost respect for her and that he said that she saw into his soul. Funny, I didn’t feel weird telling her that, it actually felt good and I think she needed to hear that K really cares for her and it wasn’t fake. She said that she had been watching when Ofennuka got into bed with K and she was confused by that. I guess I shared the same insecurities. We talked about it, and we concluded that K was under alot of pressure in the house in the last days and he needed the companionship. Its uncanny the feeling one has when you are watching on the outside and people are commenting about you, in addition you actually know what is going on inside because you have been there…uncanny!

    One thing about M, she really cares for people, she cared for me when I was injured, whether it was giving me a back rub, getting me an ice pack, making sure I was comfortable….she was there. All in all M is good people. Yes, we had our differences but at the end of the day she had goodness in her. I did not get with K to get back at her…see things are different in the house, although you (the viewers) do live the experience with us, inside its different, emotions are racing, the need to belong is alluring, companionship is something you seek out because its comforting…well like I said anything is possible. M understood this, at least she said she did, and so I feel she understood me.

    from here…one can only hope that we have grown and that every negative is turned into a positive!

    As for me….I am still growing!


  4. interesting…still…she is a snake…

  5. Bertha was just too smart for the BBA house. It seems to win the BBA show u had to be as dumb as possible!

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