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Nominations 8: Richiana vs. Kwaku

What an interesting nomination show last night. The original nominees were the three men in the house: Kwaku, Code and Richard. But seeing as Code is this week’s HoH, he was given the opportunity to change one of the names. Naturally, he saved himself, after thinking long and hard about it (?) and took an even longer time to think about his replacement. You could see it was hard for the poor guy. And you can understand the decision he made cos he wouldn’t get Ofunneka out cos she’s the maid and Maureen obviously gives him nookie.

So it’s Richiana against another ‘Untouchable’ – last time it was Maxwell and we all know what Africa decided! He he… Let’s hope it goes this way again this time so that Mr. Arrogant Americano can catch a wake up and get zapped back to reality. I just hope the public haven’t tired of Richard and Tatiana’s constant break-ups and make-ups, especially this week and the last, which would lead to either of them being evicted (possibly Richard) this Sunday. Fingers crossed.

Should be an interesting week with Richard under even more stress than before, and it would be interesting to see how Ofunneka and Tatiana act around Code, as either of them could have been his pick to replace him. Kwaku as a nominee, without his friends around for support could also make for interesting viewing this week.

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
Code 2 Kwaku Tatiana
Kwaku 5 Maureen Richard
Maureen 1 Kwaku Richard
Ofunneka 1 Code Kwaku
Richard 2 Code Kwaku
Tatiana 1 Kwaku Ofunneka


27 Responses to “Nominations 8: Richiana vs. Kwaku”

  1. Hi Robza,Your analysis is perfect. It would make an interesting watch to see ricahrd go .At least lets see how the house will look like without him.expecially Tatiana,how will she feel,when her co-adulterer is missing.Anyway,if you ask me again,i want the arrogant ‘AmeriGhana’ out for numerous reasons.This is how i voted anyway ‘VOTE KWAKU’ and i expect more people to do so.

  2. It would be very interesting to see big five nominating each other after they had attacked the Untouchable,they starting not to strust each other dawg, suprisses still to come watch this space, Richards needs to go he is missing Rick very bad now.

  3. Ah, guys, i thought we agreed that we evict the untouchables one by one.. what are you saying now?? Theres one more left (K.W.A.K.U) the ‘ameriGhana’ guy… We’ll worry about the big 5 next week… LETS VOTE HIM OUT, VOTE KWAKU NOW!!!!

  4. Really Richard need to go cz he is doing adultery in the house. A married man to play around with another woman. He als o has a short temper. He mus go. Vote Richad. Richard go home sunday out of BBAII. Out Richard.Kwaku must ,he is not going to win.4 what a person is who people most cz she is ugly but she is playing very well. Ofunnekama. Vote Richard!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @ida
    Do you even know what adultery is?! It really irks me that you say Richard has committed adultery when HE HAS NOT!!!!!!! Let me educate you – Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and one who is not his or her spouse. I don’t remember a time when Richard has had sexual intercourse with Tatiana. Have you? Maybe you’re watching another Big Brother.

  6. Now guys, its tyme that we agree to evict the untouchables one by one.. so K.W.A.K.U go 1st for….then 5 we shall handle yo case next wk……baby Maureen keep in there.we love you.

  7. Robza calm down. You are right though. As adultery is defined in the dictionary, adultery involves sex. I doubt Ricki will forgive

    Under normal circumstances I would join the “evict Kwaku” bandwagon. But I kind of want to see whether Kwaku will get with Tatiana if we evict Richard. As for Kwaku, they will nominate him again next week, so we have time to evict him later.

  8. robza and the last responder you are not far from each other exples you personally understanding of the word adultery, but anyway one has to consult adictional to get the correct meaning for the word,
    Do not forget that the Tanzanian boy is a pure african man, that is why he got that kind of mind ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, african culture do u understand what i am saying!

    please! do for me and the rest of africa a fovor ,to vote Kwaku out and let the big five stay, and see how the show get interesting, coz, there will be no who is who, ally against ally ,due to $100.000 bucks guys.At the end the end of the day is all about money,money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. kwaku has to go home. His friends has gone and so he has to go. he has nothing to do in the house anymore, his lovers are out meryl and bertha, he just has to go. he wasn,t a good friend in the house, he gossips about his friends in the house, he his also fake, he does not act has his real self, i dont think we want someone like that in the house. He just has to go. And for Richard is being himself, the temptation is too much, he cannot resist it, you cannot blame him. Besides he has not had sex with Tatiana, so he his trying to abstain. Please leave Richard in the house. He hie fun in the house without him, the house would be dry.

  10. kwakwu has to goooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  11. Richard out, he is a betrayer

  12. KWAKU OUT!

    Dont wanna see any of the untouchables in that house!

    OUT KWAKU!!!

  13. In as much as I feel that Richard’s mood spells are over bearing…he creates some drama in the house & I love it. I really resent what Kwaku said during the diary session about setting Tatiana & Richard against each other….he thinks he has a winning strategy. That show of evictees with printed T-shirts at Bertha’s eviction also didn’t tickle my fancy. BB should not allow evicted housemates to steal any new evictee’s thunder. Let them show up at parties & wherever but not on the Sunday night. Imagine if they pitch up at the “Big 5’s”event & boo them down!….
    The verdict….KWAKU MUST LEAVE!

  14. Vote Richard. Richard out so we can see what is going to happen between Kwaku and Tatiana. Definitely, the Big 5 are not going to relent their efforts on sending the Amerighana out. But let us enjoy ourselves the coming week by first sending Richard out

  15. Aint derailing,ma mind is stil bent upon voting kweku out.He may escape nomination nxt week hence give chance 4 the untouchables so called on the outside 2boast of their influence stil being seen thru their representativ in da hse,kweku.So its stil kweku 2go 4me.Dnt knw about u.But wud do me gud if u jumped on ma wagon

  16. Anyhow, Kwaku is going home this week. Richard will go out next weekend… Then Tati….

    One half of Maude will take the money home!!!!

  17. Richard out dis sunday.If there still morenomination Maureen at least Maureen be nominated.I can’t wait to vote mosquito out she is doing noting dere.Doesn’t matter Kwaku stay in de casa he is not going to win. Richard out.

  18. nrichard out rymes good i really love to see a chick(tatiana) in face of a hyna(kwaku) who should surely follow richard out

  19. Richard out. Guys lets see what will happen to Tati wen ha man gets out. Lets put our hands together 4 Richard back home

  20. for heavens sake guys lets keep some gender balance in the house please put one gal out then we deal with kwaku next

  21. and the vote goes to……………. TATIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HOME GAL

  22. Richard should go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!enough of the big 5

  23. Richard must go OUT, to assure his marriage

  24. too bad guys odds are not always on your side! Richard is still arround and hopefully will stay till the end………. he is the only one who still keeps many glued to the show be it by beign childish or good actor …. Tati on the other side is really loosing it sometimes goodness she can be mad

  25. I recommend Maurine to get out of the pitch. There is no reason behindfor her to get out but she must go, so long there is a need for one to get out.

  26. i think offuneka shld take the money bse if we give richerd then it will be promitting immorality. momo


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