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Ofunneka claims HoH title again!

Ofunneka is the new Head of House. She emerged as the House Leader after scoring the highest mark in a test that put the Housemates’ general knowledge to the… er… test. I knew she’d do it – the girl is the smartest in the house.

This is her 2nd time as Head of House, but the first time with the Penthouse as a treat. If she goes there next week, who will she take? It’s between Maureen and Tatiana and if she chooses one over the other, there’s sure to be sparks that fly! Or maybe Biggie will decide to have another girl’s/guy’s night out and send Ofunneka and the ladies to the Penthouse this time?

With Kwaku out this Sunday, it’s going to be interesting to see who will be on the chopping block yet again. My guess is Richard and Tatiana where one will have to go – which I don’t want to see. Code and Maureen should leave before them! Also, who will Ofunneka save? She’s quite close to Tatiana, so there’s no doubt that she’d save her if she herself isn’t nominated, and place Code as a replacement.

We’ll just have to wait for Sunday/Monday to see what really goes down…


5 Responses to “Ofunneka claims HoH title again!”



  2. Smart Head always wins………. now with Kwaku out lets start chasing out the big 5…… Maureen !!!!!!!!!!!!! and see Code between the cinderella the beauty and ……… you know who

  3. @Unik78 of course it shud be MAUREEN, she is boring Africa with ha baby life and den Code follows next week cos he is as usulees a s Maureen, both irritate viewer.
    Members plizzz lets first leave Richiana cos de hse to remain with (Ofunnek da winner of BB2, and CODREEN, oh no) its like eating FISH without salt, wat i mean is lets keep da RICHIIANA to acompany Nnekka till da last day FOREVER AND EVER “AMEN”.

    Richiana and Nnekka are entertaining da hse very well unlike da two ROTTEN POTATOES.

  4. I hate 2 c africa line up behind richard coz they think he’s entertaining them by having an affair with tati who instead africa calls a slut.Is it that men r entitled 2play around with women and discard them,while the women r left 2b labelled sluts

  5. vote ofunneka

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