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Eviction 9: The Last Untouchable Falls

Thank goodness and good riddance Kwaku. Your exit was long overdue. I still say Meryl should’ve been in the house instead of you or any of your other original ‘untouchable’ buddies. At least he didn’t irritate me as much as Bertha did during her interview or embarrass himself any more than he did in the house. I must say Bertha looked vibrant and fresh when she met Kwaku at the bottom of the stage. Who would’ve thought that all she needed was a trip to the hair salon to get rid of those yucky braids/dreads/whatever-you-call-em’s for me to like her again?!

No sign of the other ‘untouchables’ though. Do I sense trouble in paradise? Richard was so sure that he was a goner tonight and I could see the relief and shock on his face when Kwaku’s name was called out. Richiana for the money…

So Ofunneka’s in the driver’s seat this week. It’s already been decided by her that she will taking Tatiana to the Penthouse. My feeling is that Ofunneka will nominate Code and Maureen this time around. Probably save Richard if he comes up or Tati.

Nominations tomorrow night will surely be interesting. Don’t miss it!



7 Responses to “Eviction 9: The Last Untouchable Falls”

  1. African well-done. Kwaku wish u the best of luck outside BBhse. Now Africa next much be MAUREEN she is BORING, am saying dis from da bottom of ma heart and am UGANDAN who ve never enjoyed ha, most esp wit dat BORING MAN of hers, i don’t even wish him to called UGANDAN-INLAW.
    So Maureen u better STYLE UP or rest face inviction. Peck, Peck CODE-MALAWIAN all da time, she can realy irritate.

    Fellow African lets pray she is nominated 2day so dat u guys join me in VOTING HA OUT. Dis not how GEA (BB1) was behaving oh no even Code is tied Baby-sitting ha will soon run like Nneka who has of late join the RICHIANA.



  2. Supporting you a two hundred percent……… Maureen must go!!

  3. Am thinking that ofu has a closer bond with codeen than richiana which puts the later at more risk than the latter.I dnt c ofu saving richiana if they come up 4eviction.She may leave it as is.

  4. I see the nominations going as follows:
    Code votes Richard and Tatiana
    Maureen votes Richard and Tatiana
    Richard votes Code and most likely Maureen
    Tatiana votes Code and either Maureen or Ofunneka

    That leaves Ofunneka as the only wild card. Minus Ofunneka’s vote, that leaves Code and Richana with two votes each. That makes Ofunneka the swing vote. Whoever she votes for will be nominated.

  5. I said it. Ofunneka chose Code and Richard. Code and Richard are the nominees.

  6. i still cant believe boreen is still in the house..
    i doubt if code will be evicted this coming sunday.

  7. bla bla bla bla…im guessing this will be maureens speech once she leaves the BBA house and leave she week.just you wait…as for the untouchables i feel for meryl.she has been branded one when she actually wasnt…i still wonder who died and made them gods/godesses…

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