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BBA II Top 3

So with less than a month to go till the end of Big Brother Africa 2, and possibly 3 evictions left, you have to ask yourself these questions: Who should be in the Top 3? Who will be in the Top 3?

Who should be in the Top 3?
Richard, Tatiana and Ofunneka

Who will be in the Top 3?
Ofunneka, Maureen, Tatiana

What do you think?


16 Responses to “BBA II Top 3”

  1. I used to think Ofunneka, Maureen and Tatiana, but Maureen has managed to piss off everyone in the house. All I can say is that Ofunneka and Tatiana will be in the top 3. If Code survives this week, he could be the third.

  2. The last 3 shd be Code Maureen and Tatiana, which I think will not be possible, Ofunneka came with too much jujju from Nig, and all hsemates r not nominating her for the public vote, and for Richard with his gazunga displays , he is like not African, he needs to follow Merly, both had similar behaviours, So pple this wk vote Rich out and surprise Offuneka for not winning she has started to be biased developing gossiping.

  3. Top 3 will be:
    Ofunneka, Tatiana and Richard. I will be happy if Ofunneka win the money because she is matuare and happy the way she behave. people like Tati and Mareen u will never trust them .since they do things like that in public what do you think they do when they are alone not in public same to Richard. I do also like them but their behavior is not acceptable.

  4. I think Ofunneka, Maureen and Tatiana would be the last three contestant.Watch the space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My top 3:
    Ofunneka- the winner of BBA2

    boreen and code, OUT!!!

  6. Code, Ofunneka and Tati. It’s a pity Ofu did come with too much Juju!!

  7. Maureen , Ofunneka, Tatiana & Maureen will win thw money

  8. Richard should this time & Code next

  9. I think the last three will be Richard, Tatiana & Ofunneka. Tatiana or Ofunneka will win.

  10. i think ofunneka tatiana and richard would remain for maureen i am sorry she really has to leave she is not a true african she acts like she has never had a boyfriend and bigbrother is there because of love offunekawould win i am behind her

  11. Let Mau win. The rest have been snakes throughout. Even ofu, i cant bliv that. Richi told tati to beat all the other ma fuckers. Thats so disrespectful.
    Mau hwever weak hs been consistent. that is consistently weak and timid. She represents so many pple in Africa who cant speak 4 emselves.The rest of the hms knw this thats y they r trampling on her. she’s a sweet one.
    i wud like 2 c tati and ofu’s faces if mau is indeed declared winner. they hv already wriiten her off. So sad

  12. I believe the top 3 will definately be Tatiana,Richard & Maureen. Maureen will be tha winner

  13. Tati Rich Ofu. Pray Tati wins as viewers never gave her a chance. Rich says how he persued coz she didnt ‘play’ with him but she

  14. Tat Rich Ofu. Rich told Tat my heart skipped a beat wen i 1st saw u. i lost is wen i gave u the sweets in Spin master. Ts fault?

  15. I think mau should take the money because she is “down to earth”.
    A wonderful person that hasn’t involved herself in the rangles in the house. It’s not easy for some1 2 stay this long and not “snake the rest”. Mau, you rock.

  16. I bilive and Tatiana, mi favorite.

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