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Nominations 9: Code vs. Richard

The two ‘dawgs’ have received the highest number of votes from fellow housemates, as was seen during last night’s post-Untouchable nomination.

From BBA website:

Code nominated Ofunneka because, as Head of House, she would be able to save herself and Richard because “he has lived the Big Brother experience to the fullest.”

Richard nominated Maureen and Code. He said that he is closer to Tatiana and Ofunneka than to Maureen, who is always smooching with Code. Of Code, Richard said “he has been a pain in the…” Richard also expressed his anger that Code replaced himself with Tatiana last week.

Maureen nominated Tatiana and Richard. She said that she felt like Tatiana gave up last week and this shows she does not need the money as much as the others. Maureen also felt like Richard lost focus.

Tatiana nominated Maureen and Code. She said that she is closer to Ofunneka than to Maureen. She chose Code because she felt like she could not nominate another girl.

Ofunneka nominated Code and Richard. She felt that they would understand if she was not able to save one of them as Head of House.

Obviously, as HoH, Ofunneka chose not save either Richard or Code, as she felt it was impossible to put up on her friends (Tatiana and Maureen). I must say Code surprised me by nominating Ofunneka – a good strategic move – but it was a pity that it was a wasted vote. Had all the housemates nominated her and Maureen, she would’ve had to save herself and use Code as a replacement. That would have been brilliant! Oh well, Code is going anyway. Ofu is a strong contender and these guys should wake up and start playing the game here….

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
Code 3 Ofunneka Richard
Maureen 2 Tatiana Richard
Ofunneka 1 Code Richard
Richard 3 Maureen Code
Tatiana 1 Maureen Code

Get voting!


20 Responses to “Nominations 9: Code vs. Richard”

  1. I must credit ofunneka 4 letting thgs be.Initialy i thot she bonded with codeen more than richiana.Turns out,tatiana is closer 2her heart than code.Kudos 4 ha brillance

  2. Family Man Richard go home!!!!!! and take care of your wife

  3. You are wrong! Code is going no where………… Wakufa sakudziwika! the battle is on

  4. Atleast Code has been a man in the hse compared to Richard. Mixed blood at times is tricky. Richard is a”Kiwani African” he is part Ugandan, Part Tanzanian and part Indian.
    Vote Rich out, he will take the money to Canada, we need the victory money in Africa men!! Vote Richard Out! Vote Richard Out! Vote Richard Out!

  5. Hush, Remember tatiana is also using her brilliance to befriend Ofunekka showing her too much love because of her position this wkas HoH. She thought that if atall she is nominated Ofuneka wd replace her but all along Maureen has been Ofunekka’s best friend! Tatiana’s relationship is Kiwani relationship.

    Vote Richard out this wk.

  6. Richard out we’retire d of u , u one said u want to leave , leave

  7. outtt richiana

  8. Richard out! out! out!. Your wife is waiting for you dawg.

  9. We all know that Rich isnt going anywhere come sunday..

    Sorry Code, your time is up!!! Lol


  10. Its time Richard goes. Why keep someone who clearly shows disrespect for women.

  11. It would be very interesting if Richard can leave the house because if you look at things as is Offuneka would be the winner without any doubt, so Richard out and take your wife out to Canada and make her believe that you was playing the house game as everybody is doing.

  12. Well,i have always said,i wouldnt like 4 richard 2 b awarded the grand prize.It wud seem like we are condoning his behaviour.U know,its a different thg 4 people’s character 2be displayed in public and another if it remained in the closet.Am trying 2say that,so many of us may even be worse than richard but we aint exposing our dirty laundry.I wont vet 4 Africa 2vote richard out,instead i hope there ppl who share the same sentiments with me n would love 2c him go.As 4me am surely voting him out with a passion,if my vote were the decisive 1,richard wil be history come sunday.

  13. @ becky,i shd say then that tatiana is a strategist.But her recent bonding with ofuneka has left o’s relationshp with mau edgy wch puts her as a target 4 nomination come monday.Mau tho has a life of a cat,that is 9lives.U wil pounce upon her fm 1 angle but she emerges fm diffnt 1 unshaken.

  14. Nigerians we were in support of Ofuneka winning but how dare she betrays us? She is now changed to a hypocrite (Tatiana), who is also playing her game. Code has done nothing, even the way he nominates, he has sound reasons for his nominees. Pls Vote Richard Out he thinks by displaying his Gazungas he will win, No wonder his wife at home isnt an African, check Kwaku, Jeff, Justice and Code Pictures I think they had good morals of leaving on their panties not for us to see.

    Pls vote Richard out come Sunday.

  15. Dear Viewers sorry for the death of our Maestro manof Africa. Let his soul rest in eternal peace, it has been so so so bad of recent I asked myself why he hadnt visited BBII house, now why are the hsemates struggling to get the 100,000 Rands if Lucky has left all the riches Though dont 4get to vote out a parrot ie Richard, he really shouts like a parrot pple had u realised.

    We shall be together in minds for Burrial.

  16. It is a sad really why some ppl don’t have hearts of persons?
    To kill somebody cz of his fortune? God will punish them.
    Hmm, who will be the next HOH.Not that owl again neither the Mausquito-Cocroach,noo. I wish Titiana,Code or Richard to win.Anyway Code or Richard will go home next sunday.If Rich go home next sunday hehee Tatiana never get wat she wanted from Richard.She try to seduce him so much it did’t work,good Rich. I ca’t wag die mosquito for nomination uh,4 now vote Richard.

    Kwee kwekwe kwe!

  17. Ek wag net die mosquito 4 nomination.Gaan uit man..O to ningilen ndje nayi tog.inda man.etseee!!!!!!!!!

  18. Richard leaves it is not true because the money is not only brings felicidade.tatiana a game for him Galahs. Eloy Eros-Angola

  19. I hate how Richard badmouths Tati. Want him 2 stay but nt win. Hooked on him an T

  20. Looks like the big brother withdrawals won’t be for too long….. Big Brother 9 is confirmed to start on February. Check out this application video . apparently Allison Grodner has stated that BB9 will start early due to the writers strikes.

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