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Divisions are part of Big Brother game

Article from The Times of Zambia (Ndola) by Penelope Kapambwe (found on

UNITY in the Big Brother Africa house at last! This was the reassuring thought that entertained a good number of peace lovers when they watched Kwaku Tutu, leave on Sunday.

He was the last link to the so called arrogant housemates, who allegedly caused the divisions in the house.

Gone are the days of bitter confrontations, tense meal times and slanderous gossip. The idea was to see the remaining housemates working together in harmony without any hiccups until the end of the show.

Well, that thought bubble has been unceremoniously burst. This week, a wedge has been formed yet again, between the remaining five. Tatiana, Richard and Ofunneka stand on one end, and isolated on the other side are Code and Maureen.

How could this happen? Weren’t the ‘Big Five’ the peace loving bunch? It is not necessarily the question of how? But when it would happen.

The stakes have risen and the hope of winning the cash by each housemate is by now soaring. It is not easy flashing a smile at somebody you plan to nominate. To free one’s guilty conscious, fault has to be found and behind it a justification for a housemate’s vote against the other. However, alliances have to be formed carefully.

In this case, the only person with a clear option was Ofunneka. After all, she was surrounded by two couples. Tatiana is bound to Richard by love and Maureen sticks to Code for the same reason.

Nomination night was predictable. The couples voted against each other, but it was Ofunneka’s neutral input that contributed to Richard and Code’s final vote for possible eviction.

Any guess is that Ofunneka has chosen to ally herself with the couple who she feels have the strongest support on the outside. In this case Richard and Tatiana, possibly to remain in the favour of their fans.

Of course this could work against her if they both remained in the finals and one of them won the cash. Maybe Africa is not keen on having another Cherise win. One short text message (SMS) that was against Ofunneka being BBA2’s winner, reads. ‘If the Cherise impersonator wins BBA2, then BBA3 will be boring because everybody will be cooking and cleaning.’

Meanwhile, the housemates have been privileged to receive celebrity guests this week. And on Wednesday afternoon they had a recording session.

According to the official Big Brother website Ofunneka was called into the Diary Room, where she met Wednesday’s guests. DJ Oskido, Appleseed from Bongo Maffin, Theo from Mafikizolo, Zonke, DJ Christos were in the house to record a song with the housemates.

A studio was set up in the Guys’ bedroom and was used to record the housemates’ Poverty Song as part of the UN’s “Stand Up, Speak Out” campaign against poverty.

What a great privilege, the track sounded great with its house beats.


One Response to “Divisions are part of Big Brother game”

  1. There is one major flaw in this article’s logic. If Ofunneka truly saw herself as allied with Richard and Tatiana, she wouldn’t have put Richard up for eviction. If she truly saw Maureen as being in another camp, she would have put Maureen up for eviction.

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