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Eviction 10: ‘Daddy-to-be’ has left the building…

What a show! What a shocker! So many things rolled into one hour – I dunno where to start…

First off let me just say that I knew Richard wasn’t leaving. As much as Africa loves to complain about how abusive, adulterous, jealous and ‘whatever else’ he is, they still love him enough to keep him in after being nominated a whopping FOUR times… Talk about a cat with nine lives…

KB announced that there was a twist that would come into effect from the 2nd last week of the show, where the viewers would have to vote in a fake housemate two fake housemates (one male, one female) as moles to enter the BBA house to ‘stir’ things up. These potential ‘moles’ are from the 7 countries that have been evicted already excluding Malawi. Their faces and bios are up on the official site for you to vote, as well as on this blog, above. This could be interesting and possibly throw some of the housemates strategies off course, however I feel Ofunneka’s gonna figure the whole thing out immediately.

Code’s real shorty, Juna (I think?), also made a surprise appearance, claiming that she understands what Code has been through in the house and the pressures he has faced and that things will go back to normal when he gets out… This was during her interview while in Amsterdam. It was when she made her way onto the BBA stage that Africa saw she was pregnant! Shock horror! And 5 months along nogal! Jeez! Not only did Code have a shorty outside but got her knocked up as well!

So when Code’s name got read out, Maureen clung onto him like the leech that she is and it almost seemed as if he was gonna walk out of the house with. He should have – she’s leaving next week anyway. Outside the house, Code’s interview went smoothly despite his ‘encrypted dye-a-log’, “…y’know what I mean?!”. After seeing some highlights from the house, he got to watch a message from Juna in Amsterdam which filled him up with tears. Unaware of her being in the country, Code was shocked to find Juna standing right to him, as he turned around. Engaging in an embrace he only shared with Maureen for over 2 months, his first words to were something to the effect of “Are we okay?”. As he had said on numerous occasions in the house to Richard and Maureen, he didn’t know what to expect on the outside – concerned about whether he would still have a relationship with Juna or not. Luckily, Juna told him everything would be fine and that she still loves him. They then ran off into the sunset to live happily ever after… Lol. Not quite.

The show ended with a bang, as it was revealed that only Malawi, Zambia and Uganda had voted to evict Richard out of the house whereas the other 10 countries including the RoA wanted Code back in the arms of his ‘real life’ shorty.

Nominations tomorrow. Don’t miss it. It’s gonna be a tight one.


One Response to “Eviction 10: ‘Daddy-to-be’ has left the building…”

  1. Indeed Code’s eviction came as a shock, and it was even spoiled by the dutch woman who claims to be Code’s lover

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