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Mole 1 : Mothusi (Botswana)

Go here to vote him INTO the house.

9 Responses to “Mole 1 : Mothusi (Botswana)”

  1. Botswana,
    hope this wont be another Justice if voted into the house. His looks tells a story as if we gonna see another Justice,oops.

  2. […] Mole 1 : Mothusi (Botswana)Go here to vote him INTO the house. […]

  3. Lol.

    Even though he is my fellow countryman – I think you are right – and by no means do I want him in the house. My feeling is that Ashanti and Victor are going in.

  4. i think i will like to see this guy at the last show.i kinda think there is some hope in can i get hold of him?

  5. please biggy hook me up with a brother’s digits

  6. i searched for this guy and found him on facebook.his picture on bba didnt do him good,i know ya’ll must be thinking im crazy.look on facebook and you will find wonders!he is very handsome

  7. you look yummy boy.mummy would like you to taste her milk brings all the boys to the house and im sure its so damn better than all you’ve had

  8. brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  9. show them what botswana go in there ma man.but please behave and make us proud neh….stay until the last day

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